Prostesting the Strykers

Earlier this year I covered a bit of the protesting in Tacoma over the deployment of a Stryker brigade. Surprise, surprise! The protesters are back, this time protesting the return of a Stryker brigade.

Anti-war demonstrators protesting military at Olympia port

The “Port Militarization Resistance” group opposes what it calls Olympia’s complicity in the Iraq war.

A Navy cargo ship docked at Olympia yesterday carrying equipment used by the Fort Lewis Third Stryker brigade during its 15 months in Iraq. The protesters say the equipment will be refitted and repaired for further combat.

Police push aside protesters as Strykers depart

Protesters became more emboldened as the night progressed, even chasing down the moving convoys so they could stand or sit in the roadway in front of them. Police officers were able to clear the roadways and forced the protesters back to the sidewalks using their batons. At one point, the protesters dumped garbage on the roadway in an unsuccessful bid to stop the convoys.

1 Arrested at Olympia Anti-War Protest

Allie Van Nostran, 18, an Evergreen State College student, said people were shoved back to the sidewalk.

“I was shoved across my collarbone with a billy club,” Van Nostran said.

Police working overtime at Port of Olympia

The Olympia Police Department’s response to protests Tuesday and Wednesday in opposition to the unloading of military cargo used in Iraq has cost the city about $10,000, police said.

It must be great living near these lunatics.

Coverage of the earlier protests in Tacoma, used because of previous protests in Olympia:

Freedom isn’t free…Will that be cash or credit?

Tacoma wants payback for costs of policing anti-war protests
Tacoma authorities say providing law enforcement during last month’s 12-day anti-war protests cost the city about $500,000, and the city plans to ask the Port of Tacoma and the military to cover some of the costs.

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  1. Murdoc, You have no idea. Every time kids at my school decide that it would be fun to be tear gassed and knocked around by the police, I have to sit through a two-hour ‘Port of Tacoma Protest Report.’ Yes, it is fair that citizens should keep an eye on their military. The fabled ‘military-industrial complex,’ while often over-quoted and mis-used, does pose a potential problem for a free nation. We must ensure that the justification for new arms purchases and military expenditures do not become self-fulfilling. With that said, however: just stop. I can think of no better way to hinder your cause than to throw objects at military personnel or law enforcement officers. Your opinion belongs in the polls and in the debate room, not in extra-legal mob actions (which, to me, just marks you as an impulsive jerk who is too impatient for the niceties of the ‘democratic process’).

  2. Read all about it from the protester’s point of view. Some highlights: ‘While remaining on the sidewalk, the group MADE the police shut down Pacific Avenue for them. Because the group was heavily followed the whole time, the police did all of the shutting down themselves. Smash ICE would like to thank the Tacoma Police Department for doing EXACTLY what we wanted and exposing their heavy-handed, terroristic tactics to the population of Tacoma. The population of Tacoma, in case you had not noticed, utterly despises the TPD.’ ‘At one intersection, the terrorist police singled out and attacked a member of the group without provocation. Video of this will be released as well.’ ‘To the government: WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU! Sincerely, Smash ICE’

  3. I should add, as a resident of the Seattle area, though the area may be an EXTREMELY left, anti-conservative, anti-bush, anti-Iraq war, every person I’ve ever met out here still rolls their eyes at the idiocy and ineffectiness of these clowns. They’re a local joke, but one to be ashamed of, and that goes for both the left and the right. (No, the local population does not despise the TPD. 🙂