For Veterans Day I’m reposting the motivational poster I created last year:


  1. I thought it was all about that 5 digit signing bonus you got from Blackwater? This country has gone to hell.

  2. Here’s the motivational email I got this morning:

    MEMORANDUM FOR CSAF SAF/OS SUBJECT: F-22A FOC Declaration 1. Mr. Secretary and Chief, I am honored to announce that after 25 years of collaborative effort, a key milestone for the F-22A is behind us. The integrated 1FW/192FW at Langley possesses sufficient Raptors, equipment and trained Airmen to provide Air Dominance for the Joint Force for many years to come. The Raptor is ready for global CFACC tasking ahead of schedule and I declare Full Operational Capability for the F-22A as of 12 December 07. 2. Our success at Langley is the showcase example of our shared vision for the Total Force Integration of tomorrow. 1FW Active duty and 192FW Virginia guard Airmen fly and maintain the world’s premier 5th generation fighter with seamless integration, superior dedication and unmatched synergy. Team Langley represents the type of readiness and organization we need to maintain a dominant Joint Total Force for the future. //Signed// JOHN D.W. CORLEY General, USAF Commander

    It seems to me we should do more than just thank a veteran on Vetran’s Day. It seems to me we – each and every one of us – has a responsibility to maintain the honor, integrity, and might of the country for which our veterans fought and died. And frankly, I don’t see that happening.

  3. Well, you’re right about that. The Bushites sent the Armed Forces to war and the rest of us to the mall. A large part of what ails our war efforts in the Stan, Iraq, and elsewhere is that the nation at large hasn’t gotten into a ‘war mode’ (same same for Nam). Three things about your motivational e mail are scarey to me. 1: That it took us 25 years to get our bleep together and get two wings of F22s flying. With development cycles like that………………… 2: That General Corley thinks we’re going to ‘dominate’ with ‘two’ wings of Raptors against ‘any’ protential opponent, as opposed to the little opponents (no air forces or effective air defences) we’ve recently been so fond of attacking. 3: From the hype and PR tone of the email, it appears my old civil service agency didn’t get all the golfers and BS artists. ‘Seamless integration’ ‘superior dedication’ and ‘ unmatched synergy’ indeed! Christ on a crutch. Can you see Patton, Nimitz, Ridgeway, or LeMay writing some bleep like that to their boss? LOL!

  4. It’s worse than 25 years really. There was government reasearch and development funding for the Advanced Tactical Fighter program in the ’80 – ’81 time frame. The airplane designers who worked on ATF are nearing retirement now. In the case of the F-22 guys, good riddance, but the people who designed the YF-23 and Grumman’s ATF airplane are near retirement now too. Not that it matters. We don’t hire people who have designed successful airplanes in the past to design new airplanes. We are way past that now. We have ‘trade studies’ and requirements out the ass. Watch closely as an innovative new airplane poops it’s way out of the back end our nifty CF process. I remember when we used to laugh about how Soviet weapons looked like they’d been designed by committee. Today we’re raising a generation of engineers who don’t even know there is another way. I think Patton would put his foot right up Gen. Corely’s ass. Someone should.

  5. They gave Kelly Johnson 180 days during WW2 to develop the P-80, our first jet fighter. Up to that point all our jet fighters were piston powered. Now it takes 25 years to develop a fighter jet. How f’ing screwed up is that?