11:17 12 Apr 2003

Apparently, the fighting near Al Qa’im, on the Euphrates near the Iraq-Syria border, is more than a few airstrikes. I heard about some strikes against Iraqi forces there a few days ago, but the fighting has been almost non-stop since. According to this story (thanks to The Command Post for the tip) US commandos, assisted by airpower and British and Austrailan forces, are working to prevent Iraqi escapes to Syria, interdict weapons and fighters entering from Syria, and locate and destroy any SCUD launchers that could be used to hit Israel and widen the conflict.

Though little noted by U.S. Central Command briefers in Doha, Qatar, these forces have destroyed Iraqi command centers, missile sites, air defense systems, warplanes and bridges. They also captured three Iraqi airfields that they now control, according to Pentagon officials. And they have attacked Iraqi weapons convoys, taking the enemy soldiers prisoner, and hunted for toxic weapons caches.

This demonstrates once again that the Iraq war plan is wider than most realize and that we are capable of fighting several types of wars and enemies simultaneously and successfully. And BTW,’s war coverage looks spot on.