Can’t Lose For Winning

Danger Room: Lefties: Iraq Looking Up, Let’s Leave

Murdoc continues to tread cautiously before declaring victory, but we’re starting to hear things to the effect of “Well, yes, we did win…but it wasn’t worth the cost.

For the record, there’s nothing Murdoc would like than to see the situation on the ground allow us to drastically reduce our force levels in Iraq. I’d just like see this improvement last a while longer before making major policy changes and getting everyones hopes up too much.


  1. Very encouraging reports, it would be wonderful if we could draw down in the next 24 months, and have the Iraqis actally start effectively running their country (as opposed to their usual proclivities). If this trend still exists 10 years from now, I think we can say we did OK. Be real nice to give the forces a break for a multitude of operational and institutional reasons. Also, it’d be real nice to be able to put the resources into Afghanistan to bring that ‘project’ along as it should have been before the Bushites decided that no matter what, we needed to invade Iraq.

  2. Just where are you hearing those things? When I go looking at sites like Lew Rockwell’s or Counterpunch (different sorts of antiwar), they are still describing it the same as they did before. (For the record, I don’t think you can call this sort of thing over until it hasn’t just stopped but it has been quiet for long enough that you can be sure that there isn’t something still lurking that could flare up, like a forest fire or cancer, and I believe that the big problem area isn’t so much a question of cost as of not being able to respond to contingencies; it reminds me of nothing so much as how the Italians and Egyptians were wrongfooted with their best troops and officers sidelined, in 1941 in Ethiopia and in 1967 in the Yemen respectively.)