Friday Linkzookery – 16 Nov 2007

Michael Yon: A Bishop came to St John’s Church in Baghdad today
Lots of pictures. This gives Murdoc goosebumps. Good goosebumps.

So Much Has Changed…Observations from Ramadi
Fallujah Lite never quite happened. Close for a long time, but the Sunni Triangle has gone from an example of all that was wrong to an example of what is possible in a very short time.

Harry Reid: Bush is a ‘bully,’ and ‘it is getting worse’ in Iraq
Just plain lying.

Dems Deny Funding to Troops- Army & Marines Will Plan Layoffs
Just plain on the other side. Really. On. The. Other. Side.

All politics is war, and all war is politics
Did I mention that voting to defund the troops in a war is unpatriotic?

SECDEF plays hardball
CDR Salamander has a suggestion about where to start looking for heads.

Best to use tools when loosening lug nut
I guess you could call a 12-gauge a tool, but it’s not the right tool for the job in this case…

John Ondrasik and his “CD for the Troops”
Wow. More of this please.

Santas warned ‘ho ho ho’ offensive to women
Australian Santas told to use “ha ha ha” instead. Seriously. As in “seriously stupid.”

Some Eagles Cleared to Fly
Faster, please.

With A Few More Reflective Belts and Some Safety Glasses We Might Just Win This Thing
The real clue that we are about to win this war in Iraq is the fact that MP’s are now riding around FOBs in brand new SUVs, setting up speed traps and giving tickets

Raid tied to kidnap of US troops in Iraq
Air assault into Owesap and Betra, south of Baghdad.

UNBELIEVABLE: Michigan’s Oct. jobless rate hits 7.7%
Thankfully we’re working on solving this by raising taxes.

Fullbore Friday: Sink the Tirpitz!!
CDR Salamander’s weekly battleship blogging.

Second Amendment Blog Bash
SayUncle notes the list of attendees so far at next May’s NRA Convention. This is within driving distance for Murdoc.

Obama Stumbles Badly. Again.
Not following general political campaigning too closely, but Obama really doesn’t look ready for prime time.

We will soon hear that the victory was not worth the commensurate cost
Especially from folks who swore up and down that the war was “unwinnable” at best and probably lost already.

Homeschooling Carnival: I am Thankful Edition
Entry #98 in this great resource for homeschoolers.

If my friend Rachel Paulose were a liberal Democrat, she would be a celebrity
The story is all in the telling.

‘I Tried to Kill Him’: Business Owner Opens Fire on Armed Robber
Check out the video at my new GunPundit site (still in beta). I’m curious to know what he said in the section at the end where the audio was cut off.


  1. Ooops. Fixed both the Fullbore Friday link and the link to Dems Deny Funding to Troops- Army & Marines Will Plan Layoffs which another reader tipped me off to. Thanks guys.

  2. The F-15s are falling out of the sky, C-130s are falling out of the sky, KC-135s are falling out of the sky, and we really have no good options for replacing any of them. The F-15 can be replaced with the fantastically expensive $130M F-22 which is an improvement if you strictly look at it’s dogfighting capabilites, but is certainly not an improvement if you are talking about the attack role, the F-15’s only role in Iraq. The C-130s can be replaced, but after 50 years continuous production the design itself is getting long in the tooth and really needs to be replaced by something that is at the very least quieter, and anything that can be done to reduce required runway length is a huge bonus. The KC-135 is nearly as old as the C-130. Replacing an airplane built to commercial standards so Boeing could use taxpayer dollars to fund their first commercial airplane is a mistake that should not be compounded by buying more commercial airplane based tankers, but at this point we don’t have time to do anything else. Slowly our out of control procurement system is strangling our ability to defend ourselves. We’ve rested on our laurels for 30 years and remarkably only now are the mistakes of our past catching up with us. Unfortunately it is a problem that is going to gain speed like a runaway freight train over the next decade. We are faced with something of a choice right now. We could replace F-15s with 30 year old F-15s. We can replace 50 year old C-130s with C-130s. We can replace KC-135s with more commercial jetliners. If we do, the cost of these programs will suck up all the funds available to improve the fleet, but will provide an operational capability that is soon to disappear if the airplanes aren’t replaced immediately. So what do we do? Should we continue to rest on our laurels for another 30 years even as countries like Russia have already developed more advanced fighters than the F-15? Get robbed blind by buying more advanced F-22s while Russia and China develop its equivalent over the next few years? Take another 25 years to develop something new and hope our disintegrating fleet of F-15s plus a handful of F-22s can keep our nation safe? It seems to me we should do none of the above. We should fix the procurement system that has screwed the US taxpayer out of huge amounts of money and start again to produce the kind of military weaponry we can be proud of once again. The choice is yours.

  3. You know, I could almost vote for Huckabee. If he wasn’t one of those anti-evolution psychos he would fit the bill pretty well. As an engineer, I won’t vote for anyone who is against science. It’s not just stupid, it is national suicide. But then, so is our current national energy policy:

    ‘Every time we put our credit card in the gas pump, we’re paying so that the Saudis get rich – filthy, obscenely rich, and that money then ends up going to funding madrassas,’ schools ‘that train the terrorists,’ said Huckabee. ‘America has allowed itself to become enslaved to Saudi oil. It’s absurd. It’s embarrassing.’ Huckabee said ‘I would make the United States energy independent within 10 years and tell the Saudis they can keep their oil just like they can keep their sand, that we won’t need either one of them.’ – AP

  4. Ok, I’ve got to ask. How stupid is this?

    A U.S. Department of Defense task force early next year plans to warn the Pentagon of a growing threat to national security from adversaries who could insert malicious code in software developed overseas. The Defense Science Board, a military/civilian think tank within the DOD, will issue a report that calls for a variety of prevention and detection measures but stops short of recommending that all software procured by the military be written in the U.S., said the head of the task force that has been studying the so-called foreign influence issue. The possibility that programmers might hide Trojan horses, trapdoors and other malware inside the code they write is hardly a new concern. But the DSB will say in its report that three forces -the greater complexity of systems, their increased connectivity and the globalization of the software industry -have combined to make the malware threat increasingly acute for the DOD. ‘This is a very big deal,’ said Paul Strassmann, a professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and a former CIO at the Pentagon. ‘The fundamental issue is that one day, under conditions where we will badly need communications, we will have a denial of service and have billion-dollar weapons unable to function.’ Robert Lucky, the chairman of the DSB task force, said this month that all the code the DOD procures is at risk, from business software to so-called mission software that supports war-fighting efforts. ‘The problem is we have a strategy now for net-centric warfare -everything is connected. And if the adversary is inside your network, you are totally vulnerable,’ said Lucky, who is an independent IT consultant and engineer. – Computerworld

    This country no longer deserves to exist. We should collectively win a ‘Darwin Award’ for stupidity. First we pay our defense contractors more to screw us over than we do for them to produce weapons that work for a reasonable cost, then we decide the way to really reduce costs is to outsource our weapons production to our potential enemies. We are a nation of abject morons and we deserve to be put out of our intensly stupid existance.

  5. Did you see this on Defense News the day before yesterday:

    ‘The KF-X program will provide South Korea with an opportunity to acquire key aircraft technology through joint research and development with foreign partners,’ Lee said. ‘The multinational program will also help reduce development costs and sell the aircraft in the international market.’ The ADD has two KF-X concepts, a wing-tail K-100 aircraft configuration and a canard-wing K-200. Lee said his agency wants foreign firms to foot 30 percent of development costs and is considering forming separate consortiums between domestic and foreign companies on a case-by-case basis. Currently, Boeing, Lockheed, Saab and engine-makers General Electric and Safran are studying the feasibility of KF-X, focusing on possible technology transfer and the potential market for the aircraft, Lee said. Among them, Saab expressed its intent to cover 30 percent of development costs in return for obtaining 10 percent of the products once mass production begins, he said.

    Why can’t we do business that way? If we partnered with industry and made them invest some money in the development we wouldn’t get screwed on every program.

  6. The F-15 saga continues. Apparently it either is or could be a structural fatigue issue that’s causing them to fall out of the sky. Sounds to me like we need another 25-30 year new fighter development program.

    A week after lifting a flight ban on more than 400 F-15 fighters, the U.S. Air Force once again grounded most of the fleet because of potential problems that could lead to the planes falling apart in mid-air. The Air Force regrounds all F-15 A through D models after tests find problems with key strips of metal. All 442 F-15 A through D models in the Air Force inventory were regrounded this week after inspectors looking at the November 2 crash of an F-15C found ‘possible fleet-wide airworthiness problems,’ a statement from the Air Force said. Tests on the plane appear to have found problems with strips of metal — called longerons — which hold the fuselage together, Air Force officials said. – CNN