‘Laser Avenger’ just sounds cool

Boeing Tests Laser-Mounted Humvee as IED Hunter

Popular Mechanics:

Late last month, Boeing conducted a series of tests at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama with a 1-kw laser mounted on the back of a converted anti-aircraft Humvee. Shooting an invisible beam just a few centimeters in diameter and 20 times hotter than an electric stovetop, the laser burned a hole through the casing of artillery and mortar rounds, detonating them more or less instantly. (As for bystanders, all bets are off.)

Also in PM from a couple of months ago: Pop-Up, Roof-Mounted Gatling Gun Is Latest in Auto Safety on the Dillon Aero option.

Both articles with pictures.


  1. The DA promo video posted on Youtube was outstanding! Trigger Hapy Cowboys everywhere will be wanting one of these badboys! LOL!

  2. Let’s get those mounted on Predator/Reaper so we can get some bona-fide HKs in action. Secure in the knowledge, of course, that they would never turn on their fleshy masters.