‘Olympians in revolt’

Battle for Olympia Rages On

Unbiased commentary:

I have been in Olympia for a long time. All that happened last night was that people who have lived here for years got tired of being attacked. There was no outside group. Everyone running out there last night were Olympians in revolt. The cops got hit with countless rocks. The reason things are different is because everyone is sick to death of the murder and destruction all around them.

I’m unconvinced. I think they’re just a bunch of morons.

Supporting evidence:

Authored by: scooter on Wednesday, November 14 2007 @ 02:22 PM PST
more people, this needs more people! it’s amazing what you can do with just 150 though. have the port workers taken a position yet?

Authored by: quexalcote on Wednesday, November 14 2007 @ 06:11 PM PST
There needs to be more people, and people with gas masks, body armor, and weapons. The war did not, in fact, stop there.

Authored by: notafed on Wednesday, November 14 2007 @ 09:30 PM PST
I agree, anarchists need to come to these actions prepared for a fight.

Yep. Sounds just like regular old citizens taking a stand against injustice.


  1. Wow, that place has really changed. They used to be best known for their beer. All of Washington has changed for the worst since the Californians started fleeing that way. The I-5 corridor from Everett to Vancouver (Washington, not British Columbia) is one solid city now. It used to be 30 minutes of nothing between sleepy little logging towns. The politics were strongly independent, but very pro-military in the Puget Sound area where Boeing and the big military bases were. Today it is a hot bed of liberalism just like California and Oregon.

  2. Well, we DO at least still have a lot of great beer out here in Bluesville. If they were taken even REMOTELY seriously by ANYONE, these guys would be really embarassing.

  3. There shouldn’t be. When I grew up in Western Washington I could pickup my brothers from school and be hunting in 45 minutes, generally for deer, though. That was another time. Olympia beer is still around, but it belongs to Pabst now. Seems appropriate. Washington seems to belong to both the anachists and the nazis now. Funny how they seem to run in the same circles.

  4. Heck, I was just kidding about the nazis. I thought Boeing was being pretty heavy handed. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me, though. In my high school you were a minority if you had brown eyes.