Friday Linkzookery – 30 Nov 2007

Due to technical difficulties last week’s Linkzookery failed to publish. So a couple of these items are holdovers.

The march to the low 200s…
CDR Salamander is unimpressed with the future of the LCS program. Well, “unimpressed” probably overstates things by a bit…

Nigeria won’t host U.S. military command
AFRICOM won’t be in Africa’s most-populous nation.

U.S. ship transits Taiwan Strait after China flap
Actually a carrier strike group, not just one ship.

Turkey: New Airport Fuels Speculation of US Base
Yuksekova, Hakkari in Turkey’s East Anatolia region. Frequent visits of US delegations have the rumor mill running.

Techno-Optimistic Environmentalism
Environmentalists turned off possible supporters because they were invested in telling the public doom-and-gloom “I have a nightmare” stories rather than delivering “I have a dream” speeches.

Army prioritizing 37,000 GIs for first combat tours
Over 40% of the US Army has never deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Algerian minister says “Jewish lobby” elected Sarkozy
Of course. Should have known it.

Launch Anniversary of the Day: HMS Vanguard
That was a fine-looking battlewagon and it used guns that had seen service on other ships.

Somalia insurgents attack African peacekeepers
Ugandan peacekeeper base in Mogadishu assaulted but no reported casualties.

How to build the perfect terrorist cell

Researchers diagram organizations that avoid crumbling when attacked

‘Options’ considered to right tilted Texas Clipper
Screwed up sinking a ship.

Carnival of Homeschooling: Thanksgiving Week 2007
Last week at Homeschool Buzz.

Carnival of Homeschooling – Centennial Edition
This week at Mom Is Teaching. 100th Edition of this great carnival.

Automated paintball gun keeps the residence secure


Baghdad’s Book Market Comes Back to Life
Recovering from a suicide bombing.

Scientists Say Just Standing Up May Be as Important as Exercise
Sitting down might be even lazier than you thought.

The Shape of Things to Come?
Firefox 3 Wireframes.

Sarcos’s Exoskeleton is More Amazing Than We Thought

Video of a prototype exoskeleton in action.

I will not pay my income tax if we go to war with Iran
Chris Hedges at The Nation.


  1. So at todays prices 1 British battlewagon would cost at today’s exchange rate 514,096,526.76 USD or roughly 1.25 LCS ships.