France is lovely this time of year

77 Police Officers Injured in Paris- Rioters Using Shotguns!

Pictures and more at Gateway Pundit. Follow the link.

This whole “youth” thing is basically out of hand. Let’s see how Sarkozy handles it.


  1. Good analogy, GL. I think it will create a response in the French public much like the strikes and marches for illegal aliens in this country. Those were peaceful, but even so they served to polarize the opposition more than the advocates. In this case you have a bunch of Muslim youths who are protesting because the state isn’t providing them a nice enough free living as they’d like. It’s hard to make a better arguement against the nanny state than that.

  2. The suburbs? OK, that was cliched (another French word?) and not perticlarly funny. Not so far from the truth though? Let enough people in who have no inclination to ascribe to your cultural or social values, and the next thing you know……………..they want to form their own country. Kinda like euros did in the Mexican northeast. DDOOHH!!