12:59 11 aPR 2003

The list of Iraqi’s most wanted is being distributed on playing cards. Really.

Very clever. I haven’t seen it pointed out anywhere else, but the ace of clubs is part of the Dead Man’s Hand. Can’t be coincidence, can it? I wonder who’s pictures are on the ace of spades and the black eights.

Update 16:49 11 Apr 2003

It’s Qusay on the ace of clubs. Saddam is the ace of spades. The Dead Man’s Hand is Saddam (ace of spades), Qusay (ace of clubs), Tariq Aziz (8 of spades), and Walid Hamid Tawfiq Al-Tikriti (8 of clubs). The last is (was) the governor of Basrah Protectorate. There’s a lot of debate over which five cards make up the Dead Man’s Hand, but most agree on the above four, at least. You can view all the cards here. Here’s a 22.2 meg file with all 55 seperate cards. Thanks to Oskar on The Command Post.