Chris Matthews, still an idiot

Matthews is Defining away victory:

But my definition of a defeat is you can’t leave. If we can’t leave that country in the foreseeable future, we are losing. The purpose of the American Army is to get home and be ready to defend this country against possible threats to this country…if we can’t ever come home, we can’t ever say we won.

Let’s just say that all the troops came home tomorrow, he’d be on TV next week saying “But my definition of a defeat is not leaving right away. We were there for years. If we can’t come home right away, we can’t ever say we won.

Continuing my hypothetical process, if we were to invade Country X in January, win, and get out by the end of the month, he’d go on TV in February and say “But my definition of a defeat is having to go in the first place. We had to use the last resort. If we can’t win without using force, we can’t ever say we won.

Then, in July, all the troops at home are needed to repel a massive surprise invasion by an alliance led by Country Y. We win a short but savage war, protecting the homeland. From the ruins of New York City, Matthews goes on TV in August and says “But my definition of a defeat is giving others a reason to hate us and attack us. If we can’t have peace without needing to win a war, we can’t ever say we won.

Seeing us weak and damaged, Country Z sees its only chance and attacks in November. They conquer most of the United States. From his new international television studio in the capital of Country Z, Matthews says “We won.

At some point, don’t these folks who have got so much personally invested in the defeat of the United States need to explain why they spend so much time publicly cheerleading for the other side? If they don’t, aren’t they running the risk of looking like they might be ON the other side?

Don’t question their patriotism, though.


  1. I guess we lost WWII. By his definition, we lost in the Balkans too. Or perhaps he’s just unaware that we still have troops in Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Kosovo, South Korea, etc. etc. etc. Oh…by his definition also, we won in Vietnam and we won in Somalia. The troops are home from both of those places.

  2. Sailorcurt: Heh. What’s amusing about that is that it is SO TOTALLY OBVIOUS how stupid Matthews’ claim is that immediately after hearing it almost everyone thinks the same thing.