Dumb Move

Skipping Anthem an un-America move by NFL, Steelers


The NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to start their Monday Night Football game without the National Anthem according to the Denver Post.

The game had been delayed 25 minutes due to weather.

The comments on the article show the classlessness of some folks, combined with probable unpatriotism on the part of at least a few of them.

people are so sensitive these days skipping the national anthem one time will not “take away our patriotism” hell there’s a team called the patriots

Typical clear thinking. Skipping the national anthem won’t hurt patriotism but the name of a team will help it.

Listening to some knucle head singing a our song in the middle of a stadium makes you a Patriot? So, if they sang it twice does that make you twice the patroit?

Another brain surgeon here. Apparently tradition means nothing to him, so at least its easy to see why he’s clueless about this.


Now this is simply overreaction the other way. It’s obvious by the use of ALL CAPS that this individual is severely upset by the incident, but canceling the rest of the season seems a bit much. Or, alternatively, he’s a moron.

GIVE ME A BREAK. With all the sh*t going on in the world, someone has to get BENT about THIS??? PUH-LEEZE. This is why I don’t own a gun.

First, the only folks I see getting “BENT” over this are those who don’t think that skipping the national anthem matters. Honestly, it looks pretty much the same anytime anyone’s patriotism is questioned. For folks who say it doesn’t matter, they sure seem to be hypersensitive about it.

Secondly, what the hades does owning a gun have to do with anything?

Give me a break. with all the crap going on in the world, someone has to get bent about this??? puh-leeze. FInd somethingmore important to worry about, people.

This is hilarious. One minute after the “BENT” poster who doesn’t own a gun posted, she posted again. This message is very similar, but we can already see the fire going out. Not only is it “bent” instead of “BENT”, but the gun doesn’t even enter the conversation.

Oh come on people, get real. The damn song is too long as it is, and really, how patriotic is the song anyway? It’s a song about fighting, a battle we lost i might add. The melody is from an old English drinking song. America is a better song, better melody, and describes our country in a much better way. and is way shorter.

“A battle we lost i might add”? Is he British? If so, what do we bloody care about what he thinks about the song? If he’s American, he’s historically challenged (at best), a sadly common condition.

At this point, Murdoc gives up. It’s really sad to see these folks insisting loudly that this doesn’t matter and why is anyone talking about it and who cares and on and on and on. They sure seem to care. Probably just trying to show how patriotic they are by dissenting. “Hah! Hah! Look at me, demonstrating my patriotism by insulting the Star Spangled Banner!


  1. There are no Americans anymore, Murdoc. There is no patriotism. There is only self interest. The Alabama fans are doing the same thing with regard to those stupid remarks Saban made comparing the loss of a few football games with Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

  2. I read the same article….I really don’t think those who either saw nothing wrong, or made fun of the incident, have even the slightest clue as to what real patriotism is. I honestly don’t know if I feel enraged or depressed: those fools have no idea the damage they cause with their disregard for our countries customs and ideals. If they care so little for the national anthem of the nation that grants them the freedom to be such jerks (politest word I can use), then maybe they could do us a all favor and find a country with an anthem they DO like….and move there.

  3. The thing that gets me is that my initial reaction was ‘Well, that was pretty stupid. A dumb decision that no one changed and now a little coverage to make sure it never happens again and all will be well.’ I really don’t think that skipping the National Anthem was the end of the world. However, it was not the right thing to do. It’s not like they couldn’t take a few minutes to make it happen. Even if the weather prevented the presentation they planned they should have done something, even if only playing a recording over the PA system. Then the morons start weighing in when it gets reported. They’re really the shameful ones, the ones that threaten to destroy patriotism. At best, their apathy about patriotism is a threat. At worst, they’re anti-patriotic and actively working to undermine patriotism. We all know that both types are very common. If anything’s Sad,Sad,Sad, it’s that.

  4. The american constitution assures the right to disagree, be anti-patriotic and such. So being anti-patriotic is part of the american constitution.

  5. Yeah, the US Constitution gives us the right to be stupid too. That doesn’t mean we promote stupidity.

  6. Vitor says: ‘The american constitution assures the right to disagree, be anti-patriotic and such. So being anti-patriotic is part of the american constitution’ Ummm… no. The 1st ammendment gives you the right to speak your mind. It does NOT follow logically that, therefore, being anti-American is part of the Constitution. That’s the problem with most of the Che-shirt wearing, raised fit, spittle-spewing crowd. The read into the Constitution what they want to. Understand this: Folks who chant anti-American slogans, who burn American flags and who constantly find ways to support our enemies may well find themselves in the near future on the receiving end of physical responses to their actions. Call it performance art. There is a point past wich the tolerance of the body politic may be pushed where the nuances of debate and protesting results in large scale responses. The groundwork has already been put in place this past year, by large crowds of folks showing up in response to anti-American protests. The usual protest crowd is finding they are a distinct minority, and like the kid who keeps poking a dog with a stick, will find that, at some point, the dog will bite back. Those responsible for not playing the anthem ought to be fined for the decision, in the same manner as the NFL fines players for wearing the wrong color socks, or a personal foul on the field, etc. respects,

  7. Note that I didn’t say that people shouldn’t be allowed to be anti-patriotic. I just said that they were anti-patriotic. Just like (as Dfens says) I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to be stupid. Sometimes they can’t help it. I’m not even saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to be on the other side against America. Sure they should be. Who am I to say that they cannot take a stand against America. I just call them ‘enemies’.

  8. So being anti-patriotic is part of the (A)merican constitution’ Huh? Tell me someone really didn’t say that….or, God help us, BELIEVE that. If that ridiculously confusing statement were true in any part, then that high pitched whirring sound in the background is Patrick Henry, doing about 1200 rpm right about now. I can’t even guess how fast Mr’s Jefferson and Adams are spinning in their graves. The right to be Stupid indeed!

  9. ‘So being anti-patriotic is part of the (A)merican constitution’ Huh? Tell me someone really didn’t say that….or, God help us, BELIEVE that. Well, it’s all part of the ‘technically’ game. As in this type of gibberish: ‘Technically, the Constitution says that the government can’t prevent anyone from saying anything they want, so technically the Constitution endorses anything anyone says.’ Therefore, calling black people the ‘N’ word, yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, and telling your girlfriend that she looks like she’s gained weight are all ‘part of the Constitution.’ If we can’t call gay people all sorts of names, tell crude and offensive jokes about racial minorities, or urinate on the US flag while wearing a Bush=Hitler T-shirt to prove how patriotic we are, the terrorists have already won. It’s in the Constitution. See how easy it is?

  10. … well they also skipped the pregame introductions. Should we fine people for that as well? Singing the anthem is a voluntary tradition not a mandate. Applying penalties, or fines, makes it a mandate. Mandated patriotism becomes a meaningless show of support the local dictator.

  11. Mandated patriotism becomes a meaningless show of support the local dictator.’ – James James could say it better than I did. Thanks dude!

  12. That’s funny, James. I remember the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘mandated patriotism’ in your definition, being required in schools from the Forties till the Seventies. Can you please remind me of the name of the dictator that spawned? Please… my memory is bad. The National Anthem gets sung at professional and amateur sports games nationwide, and has been so for decades. Can you plese name and number the dictators and tyrranies that this ‘mandated patriotism’ has spawned? I just must be slow, because not one comes to mind.

  13. Vitor: James was apparently responding to a small part of AW1 Tim’s comment. He must have been, because that’s the only mention of fines or official punishments here at all. Besides that, no one seems to talking about any sort of ‘mandated patriotism’ at all. I see no correlation between skipping pre-game introductions and skipping the playing of The Star Spangled Banner. I’ve stood through many National Anthems in rain and heat and cold at high school and college and pro athletic events. Despite all sorts of bad conditions and delays for who knows what sorts of problems, I don’t ever recall the song being skipped. Why is it that the podunk high school in rural Minnesota where I grew up can manage it but the National Football League cannot? (Probably nothing to do with TV schedules, either…) I’ve already stated that I thought that skipping the National Anthem was basically a faux pas on the part of the NFL that I think should be pointed out and made clear that it’s a bit shameful. It’s certainly a ‘voluntary tradition’, and when someone volunteers to deviate from a patriotic tradition I think they should be called on it. Now, any additional thoughts about that ‘being anti-patriotic is part of the american constitution‘ drivel? It sounds very much like that genuine 100% accurate totally authentic Thomas Jefferson quote ‘Dissent is the highest form of patriotism’ that a number of folks I know like to bandy about as proof that I’m wrong when I call them unpatriotic to their faces because they want to lose the war. I don’t tell them that the quote is a crock because I enjoy the fact that they blather on about it like idiots. One guy, in particular, likes it so much that he uses it as his screensaver. He claims that it shows he hasn’t ‘drank the Kool-Aid’ like I have by buying into lies. Irony so delicious you could eat it.

  14. Here’s why you see so many defending the NFL on the internet. They’re politicians. I ran across an excellent Patton quote regarding politicians:

    Politicians are the worst; they’ll wear their country’s flag in public, but they’ll use it to wipe their asses in the caucus room, if they think it will gain them a vote.’

  15. I have done my share of standing in the rain, sleet, snow and gloom of dark, in respect for the songs of our heroes. The issue that I have, is this madness season of who is the better patriot. We have dysfunctional government, a whole host of major economic, environmental and social issues that need to be addressed and we are arguing over flag pin lapels, and NFL failure to play the anthem.