Uh, right

Mall gunman called ‘a very helpful young man’

8 dead. Plus himself.

Also of note:

It ended when he turned his high-powered rifle on himself.

I haven’t seen if the weapon this guy used has been identified, but when the media uses “high-powered” it almost always 100% of the time means “medium-powered”. It’s really amazing. Later in the article it mentions an “SKS semiautomatic rifle” shown to someone the night before the attack, though it doesn’t say whether this is the weapon used at the mall or not.

An SKS is, in fact, a medium-powered rifle. That’s why it was designed in the 1940s. To fire medium-powered rounds rather than the high-powered rounds in use at the time by the Soviet military.

This guy had a history of trouble, including a felony drug conviction in 2005. But the people quoted in the article remember him as a helpful person who loved animals.

The person who remembered that he loved animals also said that he had a drinking problem, that he liked to smoke marijuana, and that he was often depressed. But he was always helpful.


  1. Murdoc, you know damn well, according to the press, there is no such thing as a ‘medium power’, or ‘small bore’ rifle. All guns are scary and bad. As a matter of fact it was probably the gun’s fault. If he wouldn’t have had a gun, well, he wouldn’t have hurt anyone. He certainly never would have stabbed or beaten anyone. Gosh, I guess we should ban guns.

  2. I agree with Chad. We should ban guns. If guns are banned, then Chad and I can’t buy them, which means that kids in Omaha can’t go on shooting sprees.

  3. What ever happened to the good old days when useless wastes of skin just offed themselves and didn’t feel the need to take a bunch of people down with them? Is it the anti-depression drugs? Your typical pot head is too apathetic to kill lots of people, but on an anti-depressant he’s just chipper enough to actually buy the gun instead of only fantasizing about it. Of course, pot doesn’t kill people, guns do, right? What a loser.

  4. Dfens is right: ever listen to those TV ad’s for anti-depressants……the warnings about ‘side effects’ scare the willies right out of me. Give a guy enough little pills, and he just might be the next guy in the tower with the scope playing sniper in Battlefield 2, only for real. Like yesterday. I live 50 miles from Omaha: use to commute there some years ago. I’ve shopped in that mall countless times. I know the spot in Van Maur (the clothing chain anchoring one end of the mall) he picked to shoot from: heck, I walked right over it 2 weeks ago. He picked a perfect spot. Its got a clear field of fire all the way to the 1st floor, and a fair view of the entire 3rd floor. Local TV showed a picture of the weapon this AM: SKS with the box mag removed and the mod for an AK style mag. Looked suitable scary on the screen. As for high-power, I guess anything bigger than a .22 fits that bill (Omaha is highly anti-firearm) All the channels carried the story last night non-stop. So I’ve got more info than I care to have. Maybe thats part of the problem. After all, he said in his note he wanted to be famous, and ‘go out in style’. Maybe if the MSM didn’t sensationalize a tragedy, others wouldn’t get the idea that this is the way to, ‘check out’. Or maybe I’m wrong….sorry, but when things like this happen in places you know and visit, it tends to shake you up. Remember when suicide didn’t use to be a group event? I’m so sick of these guys taking bystanders with them. I don’t care if it is a cry for help…I wish they’d just do it in private.

  5. That was sarcasm, by the way. What I want to know is why nobody else pulled their piece, and put an end to it before he killed and wounded 14 people? Oh, that’s right, nobody carries anymore. I asked that this morning of my wife, and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘who besides you takes a gun to the mall?’. I guess now we know.

  6. Chad: I haven’t been able to follow this too closely, so maybe this is known already…I wonder if the mall had a ‘no carry’ policy. I don’t know the laws in Nebraska, but it’s possible that the mall was a ‘no gun’ zone.

  7. Chad, just to be sure, I was calling that POS shooter a loser, not you. I think I need one of these for my next trip to the mall:

    ‘It’s everything a sniper wants,’ Sgt. Jed C., said: ‘We’re all very excited about this new weapon system because it’s custom-tailored to the kind of fight we’re in.’ The current environment, typically an urban environment, stands in stark contrast to the terrain the sergeant faced in his prior deployment. ‘It’s a very target-rich environment for them over there,’ Meeker said, ‘and they have to be very selective about their targets.’ One of the major improvements that will help in that environment is the SASS’s higher-rate of fire, allowing snipers to target insurgents accurately and quickly in civilian-dense areas, the PEO Soldier office said. This has been done by replacing the M24’s bolt-action system and internal five-round magazine with quickly detachable high-capacity box magazines. Another essential upgrade is the flash/sound suppressor. The M110 also can eliminate unnecessary baggage when snipers must switch gears to engage the enemy in close-quarters. According to Staff Sgt. Aaron W.: ‘I don’t have to have my shooter carry an extra weapon when we go into buildings to clear rooms. He can actually use [the M110]. That’s going to lighten our load a lot.’ Additionally, the M110 includes a 3.5-10x power variable rifle scope, and military standard-1913 Picatinny rail, which allows the weapon to use assorted accessories by mounting them on the rail, such as the AN/PVS-26 clip-on night sight, which was also fielded at Fort Polk. – Defense News 12/6/07

    And these drugs were supposed to make us all peaceful and docile, right? It’s getting more like the wild West every day. At 17 lbs it might be a little much for the mall, but you never can be too careful.

  8. Yeah, I got that Dfens. If you really want to talk personal defense at the mall, I’m all about a revolver with a 4-8 inch barrel. You can add a red-dot, or even scope, and it’ll still fit in a vertical shoulder holster. I’m scoring 6 hits out of 8 rounds on a 6′ target at 35 yards, and that’s open sights. And it’s not 17 pounds.

  9. All it would have taken was one motivated individual with a sidearm, to pin him down till help arrived or killed him there. Does nobody remeber the incident (I think it was last year) in the Salt Lake City mall? Bastared was pinned by an off duty cop who carried his concealed weapon (illigally I might add) into a ‘gun free zone’. Damn criminals and cops are more free than the law abiding sheep, thats for sure.

  10. Every freak and psycho in this country, legally or illegally, has more rights than you or I. We’re just here to pay the taxes and clean up the mess. If our kids get killed, we’re expected to suck in up and keep on paying the taxes. Don’t fight back. That would be wrong. Nice the way they spin this into a gun problem and not a drug problem. People who don’t take drugs, who work for a living, they are such a drag on society. Don’t trust them with guns, trust the criminals.