Omaha shooter used an SKS with modified magazine

Just got this in a comment about the Omaha mall shooting incident from a reader who lives in the area:

Local TV showed a picture of the weapon this AM: SKS with the box mag removed and the mod for an AK style mag.

There are a number of routes to go for this, the most common being a magazine with a “bill” protruding from the front lip area. Some options have an adapter block that mounts into the weapon for “bill-less” mags, though I think these are almost always for use with mags designed for use with that particular style adapter, not for standard AK mags.

Generally, converting SKSes to use standard AK magazines requires a fair amount of machining to the weapon. I’m behind a firewall right now that prevents me from looking into this or providing any good links, so I just talking off the top of my head at this point.

Anyone with more knowledge, please speak up.

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UPDATE: I should note that not all the common modifications for SKS magazines are for “removable” magazines. Some are fixed mags that increase the number of rounds held from the standard 10.

I updated the title of this post. Thanks, GL.

UPDATE 2: Since Friday afternoon/evening, almost everyone has been calling it an AK-type, not an SKS. The mall security cam image of the shooter is not terribly clear but the front sight looks taller than most (but not all) SKS-type models I’ve seen.

Does anyone have more info on this confusion?


  1. It is a little involved. But there’s another thing that is easy to overlook: after-market mods can be garbage. I took my SKS’ factory mag out and installed a new fixed mag, but with a 20 (or was it 30?) round capacity instead of the standard 10. Was simple to do; I bought the piece at a gun show. And it was a piece of sh*t.

  2. Thanks for making the correction Murdoc: Its why I said AK ‘style’….I own one and know all about the mods (didn’t do it myself), but the picture on TV wasn’t detailed enough to make any kind of conclusion. It just looked like that kind of curved mag.

  3. There is/was an SKS version rifle legally imported from China into the US for sales during the early 1990’s that had been re-designed at the Chinese factory to accept the standard AK/AKM 30 round detachable box magazines. I know this…I own one. Includes fold under spike Bayo. I use the same mags in my several pre-ban AK(s) as I do in this pre-ban SKS. This weapon is not to be confused with the SKS ‘Mods’ (pre ban legal), (post ban illegal) done here in the USA to accept a 30 round ‘bill’ mag that will not fit a typical AK/AKM. Has Mfr. NORINCO stamp.