Secure those guns

Over at GunPundit: Owner of Omaha mall shooter’s gun was on vacation

Unsecured weapon, investigator cluelessness, media ignorance, and the fact that the gun’s owner knew it was missing before the shootings. But, as he said when told his AK was missing, “just relax.”

Check it out if so inclined.


  1. I don’t understand the premise. I’ve got a shotgun and a .22 rifle leaning in the closet, one of them loaded. If I put it in a locked case when going on vacation, does anyone think that the person who gained access to my house couldn’t get it out of that case? He’s trying to spread the blame for this incident, but it lies wholly on the head of a single scumbag.

  2. Kevin: I’m not blaming the gun owner, but you know that others will try to hold him at least partially responsible at some point. Regarding your guns, does someone who has a criminal past and has shown a number of trouble signs have relatively easy access to them? If you were out of town and someone who would be in your house with the said troubled individual called and said the guns were missing, would your reaction be to say ‘just relax’? If nothing else, this will reflect poorly on responsible gun owners and give more ammo to the anti-gun crowd.

  3. MO, I can’t register with TypeKey for some reason, so I’ll leave the comment here. All I wanted to say is that it depends on the local law what can happen to the lawful owner. In my part of the world, it’s a mandatory year in jail for unsecured weapons later used in a crime, just like in this case. Lock your sh*t up, for goodness’ sakes. Gun safes are inexpensive; hell you can get cable locks gratis if you keep your eyes open.

  4. That is, the lawful owner of the pilfered weapons goes to jail, not the weapons themselves. Wanted to put that out before the grammar snipers got all worked up…

  5. I’m with GL on this one. Spend the money to properly secure your weapons when not at home or in possession of them!

  6. I live with a roommate that I trust and has experience in safely handling and using firearms, but I still put my pistol in my gun safe with the rest of my rifles and lock them up when I go out of town. Who knows if he will have some idiot friend over when I’m gone, or gets f-ed up drunk and decides to do something stupid? If he chose to keep his own firearm here, that would be fine and his responsibility and right. But my guns are my responsibility, and when I can’t watch them I think its my responsibility to make sure that others can’t misuse them.

  7. Nadnerbus, ‘my guns are my responsibility, and when I can’t watch them I think its my responsibility to make sure that others can’t misuse them’ Best summary of the relevant points I’ve heard. And you don’t have to take a second mortgage to get a safe. I got one at Dick’s on sale for like $80. No, no one would ever mistake it for Fort Knox; but no one’s getting in it without a key, either.

  8. yeah, mine is a heavy sheet metal wonder from Wallmart. I think it cost me a hundred forty or so plus shipping. The thing is more or less a glorified locker but its bolted to the wall and floor, and no one’s getting into it without a crow bar and a torch. I think my neighbors that I share a wall with would hear something =)