Stand Up for the Flag at Twentynine Palms

Got this notice in the inbox:

We invite you to attend a gathering at the Old School House for this town’s first organized Political Protest.

Stand Up For the Flag! Stand with the 9/11 victims. Let your voice be heard.

Join December 14, 2007 beginning from 6 to 9 PM at the Old School House, to protest the Lecture of the radical left wing San Francisco Professor Philip M. Klasky.

Bring your Flag! Show your Patriotism.

6760 National Park Drive
29 Palms (across the street from the 29 Palms Inn)

Time — Lectures begin at 7:00 p.m.
Be here at 6:00 to begin protest.

More info and videos of the travesty in September here.

I’m not familiar with the group or the events, but videos at the site show the typical commie crap as they disrupt a joint 9/11 memorial gathering of the San Francisco college Democrat and Republican clubs on the campus of SFSU.

They’ve even posted rules for protesters. Too bad the commie protesters aren’t so civil.


  1. Did you see these disgusting videos? If you’re a tax payer, you should. This is not excusable! The very idea, a College encouraging such vile disruption of a Memorial Service is just pain immoral, period! There is no argument. The only consideration is what to do about it. We should, fully expect this Professor to be brought to task. He not only allowed the Flag desecration and encouraged disruption of the 9/11 Remembrance, but he somehow felt it was an appropriate time to offer some controversial politics of his own. He showed no more respect for the occasion or the dignity of its celebrated victims than did his sophomoric little Communist charges or the likeminded handful of Terrorist scum that perpetrated the massacre. We can’t know how many in attendance may have lost someone that fateful day, but we all lost something and all of us remember the horrible leaping, burning and crashing as Nearly 3,000 perished in those few heartbeats that seamed to last forever. What is this Man thinking? What is the School that hired him thinking? See the videos of these public obscenities at and

  2. The issue here in Twentynine Palms really has nothing to do with the flag or patriotism. Please go to and visit the message board. Check out the posts at the ‘Desert Environmental and Land Use Issues.’ You’ll be able to see that those folks involved in a campaign of hate against Mr. Klasky began their battle with him LONG AGO because he was instrumental in getting an ordinance passed in San Bernardino County that regulates ORV use. CONNECT THE DOTS — it’s about the ORV ordinance and nothing else.

  3. Hmmm, guess you didn’t watch the videos, did you, LBH? Anytime you have the College Republicans *AND* the College Democrats against you, you must’ve done something *REALLY* wrong… It was interesting, if you let the YouTube video roll, you see a sequence of a number of them. Especially amusing is Prof. Phil’s rebuttal of ‘I was just trying to cool things down, I was taken out of context’, and then the footage he obviously didn’t know they had, of him doing just the oppsite. Quite amusing if it weren’t coming from someone that unfortunately helps shape our youth…