Internet loser of the week

I didn’t know this loser lives in Michigan. How embarrassing.

Ace of Spades:

Chuck Adkins. A sort of ironic name, given the fact that I think it’s plain to see the man enjoys his donuts.

A co-blogger at Cold Fury posted a fairly innocuous, though critical, post about Fatboy NotSlim up there.

So how did Lovehandles McGee respond?

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.

Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

Here’s the background: Christina Hendrix is Mike from Cold Fury’s recently deceased wife. She died in a motorcycle accident about half a year ago.

You stay classy, Wranglers Husky.

I remember this clown from when he was posting info about Michelle Malkin some time back. Figures that he’s from the Detroit area. Everyone jokes about him living in his mom’s basement, and I believe it’s true because he supposedly got in trouble with her after the Detroit PD paid a few visits after he made some threats online. But it’s such a total caricature of a total loser that it almost defies reality.

What makes him double-dog classy is his web site, which is currently down. I’m totally sure that it has nothing to do with his most recent diarrhea of the mouth. Here’s his current explanation:

What the hell happened to this Website??!?!?!

I’m sure that’s what many people want to know.

Well, let me explain.

What started all this was, I downloaded a Plugin, for WordPress. Which is what I run, normally for a Blog. and it was broke, I attempted to force it to work, by tinkering with the permissions in cPanel, trying to force the Plug in to work… Somehow are another, and for some odd reason, Something got like seriously messed up. I got the White screen of death. Horrors!

Anyhow, It was broke and everything I tried to do, didn’t fix it.


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Sure, Chucky. Technical difficulties. Please stand by.

My nine-year-old daughter could see that you’re completely full of it and then some. Well, she’s almost ten, but still.


  1. It’s not a ‘belief’ that he lives with his Mom. She answered the phone when some blogger called him to ask him to apologize for threatening his life. I’d link the audio if I could remember where I saw it.