08:23 11 Apr 2003

There are more indications that the military plan in Iraq has failed. Broken. Kaput.

The Iraqi defense in the north isn’t really collapsing. In most places, it doesn’t exist. And military plans rarely survive NO contact with the enemy. Mosul surrendering without a fight. The Kurds take Kirkuk, though they are being relieved by US forces, much to the relief of Turkey. This WaPo story summarizes some of the current events in northern Iraq.

When the final push on Tikrit comes, it is likely to be spearheaded by the 4th Infantry Division, which has finally arrived in force in Kuwait after its equipment was diverted from Turkey, defense officials said. One official said a brigade-sized task force of around 5,000 would be ready to roll north in two days. A final decision on whether that task force reinforces troops in Baghdad or presses on to Tikrit may not be made until it reaches the capital. But one defense official said the 4th Infantry Division vanguard likely would blast past Baghdad toward Tikrit if resistance continues to dissipate. The 101st Airborne Division, now reinforced by a 500-man task force from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, faces the same options.

Let’s hope that the miltary’s plan for Tikrit can be scapped, too.