00:03 11 Apr 2003

The suicide bombers attacking US checkpoints are not terrorists. A terrorist is someone who attacks civilian targets to spread fear and terror in an attempt to bring about a desired end.

The al Queda hijackers who crashed our airliners into the World Trade Center in an attempt to spread fear and panic in America, presumably to force the US government to change its policies in the Middle East, were terrorists. But they were not terrorists because of their tactics and methods. They were terrorists because of their civilian targets.

The Japanese pilots who crashed their planes into US ships in the Pacific during World War 2 were not terrorists. They were military pilots, regardless of their level of training or expectation for success. Palestinian men bombing Israeli troops are not terrorists. They are soldiers fighting soldiers. The same goes for the suicide bombers in Iraq. Whether they are Iraqi nationals or not, they are fighting our military during a state of war. Even pregnant women with bombs in their car are soldiers. Stupid, but soldiers. Whether they are in uniform or not, regardless of Geneva.

Military history is filled with uniformed soldiers using dirty tactics against other uniformed soldiers, so “immoral” tactics don’t a terrorist make. We should be treating these warriors as enemy soldiers. We should kill as many as we possilby can. When captured, they should be treated as POWs. And we should stop calling them terrorists.