Royal Marines Celebrate Christmas

royal marine christmas

Via Kim:

Royal Marines fight Christmas Day battle with Taliban – then march back to base wearing Santa hats

In what’s described as “the most isolated UK outpost in Helmand”:

Royal Marines won a dawn firefight with Taliban on a Christmas Day sortie yesterday – then marched back to base in Santa hats.

The men of 40 Commando left their Afghan base at 4.30am – midnight in Britain – to probe rebel lines a few hundred yards from their camp.

It was only a matter of time before the insurgents attacked. As shots rang out, one commando joked: “Merry Christmas!”

Comment at Kim’s:

So they came back despite being armed with the SA80? Or is it a measure of manliness that they use a –poodle shooter” round in a Goldberg Device weapon?


  1. The SA is sorta of decent now (thanks to HK), even if still clumsy, but i think that the brits appreciate the very long barrel of it.

  2. I provided protective security for a number of Bitish grunts, NCOS, and officers (Ruperts) on this last contract, in the Stan. Apparently their Military is so strapped for people, they can’t provide protective security to all the single/double person missions that need to get out into the AO, just like our Mil and the NATO dudes there. Most carried the SA80/L85, though I don’t recall any bitching about it (I asked a number of them what they thought of it). On the other hand……………..there was a printed flyer posted at the Kandahar Airfield (KAF) for a period of time, offering a reward for any info on the missing Enfield that had ‘last been seen’ in one of the base laundromats! Anyone who knew anything was instructed to call the base MP station (joint US/UK MP Operation). Apparently, in addition to getting early problems squared away, the Enfields were equipped with a ‘legs’ option that allowed them to walk away if you weren’t paying enough attention to them! LOL!

  3. More accurate than the M16/M4, just as unreliable. Why the Brits paid H&K to build that piece of junk instead of just buying a decent H&K design is a mystery only the Brit equivalent of Dfens could answer.

  4. It seems to me that based on the recent US testing none of the .22 cal guns are worth a darn. The best one they tested failed once out of 500 rounds and this SA80 sounds as though it might be even worse than the worst gun tested, the M4. Given the fact that the British keep tight controls on who legally gets a gun, it seems likely to me that the reason thier troops don’t complain more often about the SA80 is because they simply don’t know all guns aren’t as much a piece of crap as that one. At least some US soldiers know the difference, and even their voices are drown out by those who don’t have any breadth of experience. It seems to me that asking the soldiers about technical issues like reliability is misusing their expertise. It would be better to poll them regarding topics like balance, bolt operation, kick deflection and things that effect real time operation. Typically if an operator notices a reliability issue, it’s an extremely bad situation.

  5. For all the good they’ll be able to do. The oldtimers in the US Army have used M1s and M14s, but the bureaucrats were successfully able to squelch their voices of complaint, for about 30 years now. It just makes you shake your head in wonder. There has to be treason involved. Even so, there are those Royal Marines, giving those islamofacist pigs the Merry Christmas they so richly deserve in spite of it all.