Friday Linkzookery – 04 Jan 2008

After a couple of weeks off, we have the first Linkzookery of the new year. Go ahead and add your own links in the comments section, and don’t be shy about linking to your own site if you think MO readers will like it.

12 Myths of 21st-Century War by Ralph Peters
One of those “everyone should read this” pieces.

Medium ImageHouse to House by David Bellavia with John Bruning
I haven’t read this yet, but it’s been recommended to me by several people and I flipped through it in the book store one day. Looks good.

2nd Amendment Blog Bash
At the NRA Convention in Louisville, KY, May 16-18.

Killer robots could replace soldiers
Robotex, a Silicon Valley start-up, combines engineering skill and groundbreaking weaponry to create a new generation of soldiers.

Would-be assassin of President Ford released on parole
Sara Jane Moore, Leftie Loonie who who took a shot at President Ford in 1975.

Good joke: My Vote for Miss America
They should ditch the evening gown competition for time at the shooting range.

6 easy ways to sick-proof your winter
Pretty basic stuff, but if everyone stuck to these I think it would make a big difference. Murdoc never gets flu shots, though.


  1. Personally, I liked House to House. Pretty well done book. However, I enjoyed Hard Corps more. Check it out if you have a chance.

  2. Active duty and holidays have taken their toll on my blogificating, the only posts I have that MIGHT be of interest are these two …on energy issues (mostly atomic) and this one… on steam powered cars. Enough with the linkwhoring….Other people have not been so limited. Steeljaw Scribe has a really good post on the rescue of the survivors from the USS Turner. GO COASTIES! Baldilocks has been following the deteriorating situation in Kenya (scroll down for the previous posts) …and Captain Ed points out that many lives may have been saved by the competence and conscience of an American diplomat. Anthony G. Williams has updated his his article on PDW’s here ….and has an essay on the pro’s and cons of Bullpups here and he has an article on stopping power here Defense Industry Daily has really good hi-rez photos of the first of the Legend class Coast Guard cutters on her machinery trials….given that she costs as much as a Norweigian AEGIS Frigate (!!!) , I’m glad she’s at least a pretty boat.

  3. No flu shot, eh? You *DO* know that the flu shot is actually a covert vehicle for the Zombie vaccine, staving off the impending zombie war as long as possible, don’t you? Thanks for being part of the problem, I’ll give an extra special ‘thanks, Murdoc!’ to the first zombie who’s head I take off via shotgun, when the time comes…

  4. KTLA: Now, the way *I* heard it is that the flu shots are perilously close to zombie-creating drugs, and one small error in formulation (or possibly drinking Baja Blast Mountain Dew within 72 hours of getting the shot, though I’m skeptical that that is really true) could inadvertently create millions of zombies. And all of us trying to fight them off will all be sick in bed. Talk about a disaster.