US Troops with G36

A reader forwarded me this picture with this message: “We can dream, can’t we?

us troops firing german g36 assault rifles

US Army (USA) 1st Infantry Division (ID) Soldiers, part of the USA Task Force (TF) Sabre force, fire a Heckler-Koch 5.56 mm G36 assault rifle on the live-fire range at Orahovac, Kosovo, Serbia (SER), as they participate in the German Army (Bundeswehr) Schutzenschnur weapons qualification in order to earn the German Army Marksmanship Badge. TF Sabre is the designation for the US European Command (USEUCOM) forces assigned to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) led, Macedonia-based, peacekeeping Kosovo Force (KFOR) during Operations JOINT ENDEAVOR/GUARDIAN.

The picture was taken in October of 2001.


  1. And it’s too bad that we can’t just field the 10mm pulse rifles with the 30mm grenade launchers. We know they take aliens apart pretty readily. When people make sci-fi movies, they give future soldiers cool ray guns and exotic weapons. But if they wanted to be *really* real about it, they’d set their movie 200 years into the future, give everyone flying cars and FTL spaceships, but the future soldiers would have M4s.

  2. The G36 didn’t fare very well in the first AvP movie. Whereas the M4 in the second AvP movie scored well even in the hands of civilians; thus proving it’s superiority. =P

  3. My son saw an AVP:R ad and asked what the ‘R’ stood for. I told him I wasn’t sure, but that it was maybe ‘retarded.’

  4. In early Aug ’06, Some of the Spanish ISAF troops at Herat were kind enough to let me fire a mags worth of ammo through a standard G36. Not much trigger time really, but it was real easy to shoot at 100m (especially for an indifferent rifleman like me) and felt quite lite compared to my M4. I suspect the inherent quality of the 36 shines through in the recent performance of the XM8 in the assault rifle MRBF test, featured in this blog and many other places. I’m definitely down with the M41 pulse rifle! Murdoc can scoff if he likes, but when that face hugger nails him from the mail box………..I’ll bet it’ll be a different tune (as in muffled screaming) then! LOL!

  5. Gun and Caliber! Its not going to be enough to simply go to a short-stroke piston upper, we also need a bigger bullet. The SCAR with the 6.8 round is all we need and amazingly enough they both have already been developed. There is a reason why terrorists love AK’s, both the gun and the caliber work very, very well withing 100 meters. We need to learn a lesson also from the German’s during WW2, the grew served weapon is a much more effective killer than the individual rifleman. Then again, as Americans we think in the ‘I’ and not in the ‘We’.

  6. Actually, I’m a big Alien/Aliens fan. Those were two great movies. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t stop at two.