Friday Linkzookery – 11 Jan 2008

Moment of Truth in Iraq
Michael Yon’s latest.

Voter cited by opponents of Indiana’s ID law registered in two states
Hilarious. I can’t figure out why so many folks so opposed to electronic voting machines because of the potential for fraud are also opposed to ID requirements, which are meant to help prevent existing fraud.

Combat Ops in Arab Jabour
Pictures and more at Blackfive.

Australia Foreshadows F-22 Request

Look, I love the Aussies. Really, I do. But no one else gets Raptors for a long time.

A brain a day keeps the doctor away
The zombie food pyramid. (Ed. note: What is wrong with you people?!?)

Next Time, Sink ‘Em
NY Post doesn’t approve of the Navy’s reaction to the Iranian speed boats.

Al Qaeda suicide cell leader captured in Pakistan
Ahsan al Haq and five cell members have been detained by Pakistani security forces in the city of Lahore

TX National Guard Unveils Newly Formed Green Beret Unit
Charlie Company, 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group

Another season wasted without a playoff
When college football gets a playoff of 8 teams or more, I’ll consider watching again.

Will Army Aviation Break Out of its Rut?
Stephen Trimble at Defense Tech.

Blackwater Rescues Blondes in Distress
Blackwater can do no good, it seems. A commenter wondered if they killed half of Kenya to get the girls out.

2005 Use of Gas by Blackwater Leaves Questions
Blackwater chopper allegedly dropped CS gas on a checkpoint manned by UP troops.

Super Soaker Inventor Aims to Cut Solar Costs in Half
I’ve never been much of a believer in large-scale solar power, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

FAQ: The End of the Light Bulb as We Know It
I invested $50 in CFL bulbs this summer, and says that I’ve saved $86 so far. This must include avoided replacement costs, but our experience has been positive so far. I’m really waiting for LEDs, however.

Russian Su-33 warplanes exercise in Mediterranean
Operating off of the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.

Russia to Begin Receiving SU-32/34 Long-Range Strike Fighters
Lots of info on this new Rooskie plane over at DID.

Japan revives naval support mission
Political maneuvering will allow Japanese ships to monitor possible terrorist activity at sea and to refuel and resupply ally vessels.

Stryker’s Optical Viewer Goes Servo
Commander’s Pan Viewer (CPV) by PVP Advanced Electro-Optical Systems.

Parted-at-birth twins ‘married’
Well, then ‘unmarried’…