08:20 10 Apr 2003

There are reports that 12 US tanks are headed for Mosul in northern Iraq. Although the story calls them the 163rd Armored Division, there is no such unit in the US Army. It’s probably the 1-63 Armor, which means 1st Battalion, 63rd Armored Regiment. They’re part of the 1st Infantry Division (the “Big Red One”) based in Germany (for now, at least) and were almost certainly flown into the airfield that the 173rd Airborne captured almost two weeks ago. Although it will be nice to have some seious firepower on the ground up there, 12 tanks a front do not make.


  1. just a little correction, the 12 tenks that have entered Mosul are Bco 1-185 Armor, 81st Armor Brigade out of Washington and Caliofornia…G