Friday Linkzookery – 18 Jan 2008

U.S. Moves Ahead On Guided Tank Round
120mm Mid-Range Munition (MRM) — Tank round with a range of up to 12km.

Navy Granted Authority To Use Sonar In Training Off California
President Bush exempted them from new restrictions. The Natural Resources Defense Council is going to file papers with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to try and challenge the exemption.

Pre-Communist Russia
How can you tell it’s Pre-Communist? No lines for bread.

Chess master Bobby Fischer dies at 64
“Watching” the illegal re-match with Boris Spassky on Prodigy in 1992 is one of my early wonder-at-the-internet memories. He called the Soviet players “Commie cheats” and was basically considered a loose cannon. Murdoc’s type of chess player.

Nagging non-smoking workers get burned
Telemarketing firm manager fired three because their non-smoking was causing disruptions. Only in Amer…wait, this was in Germany.


  1. Only in Amer…wait, this was in Germany.’ Didn’t you know? Americans are just Germans who speak English anyway. That goes along with other one liners like Greeks are just Turks who think they’re Italian, Italians are just Greeks who think they’re French, and Argentines are just Italians who think they’re Spanish. Mainly, I wanted to tell you that that no smoker link no longer works.

  2. NASA, who is currently famous for their shaky engineering capabilities, now has their very own shaky rocket. The shuttle and the old Titan IV dampen out these vibrations by strut mouting the solids. The ‘stick’ makes the vibration worse by adding a segment to the 4 segment shuttle boosters, making the longitudinal vibrations unbearable. This is what you get when you design by committee. Not one of these idiots in NASA’s committee is qualified to design a rocket, but that’s ok because not a one of them is accountable either. Meanwhile, Scott Horowitz has abandoned his NASA job now that his mission of establishing a sole source contract for ATK is accomplished and gone back to work for ATK with a hero’s salary. Your tax dollars at work. Enjoy the screwing.

  3. …the MRM is to be fired by modified Abrams tanks and, after 2015, from the Future Combat Systems Mounted Combat System.’ Yes, the dread FCSMCS- or, as I sincerely hope it will come to be known, the FuckSmacks.

  4. Finally someone gets it. Finally someone understands the real cost of oil. Check out this excerpt:

    ‘Oil is becoming the greatest problem of our time,’ Mr. Peres said in an interview in his office. Not only does it pollute, but ‘it also supports terror and violence from Venezuela to Iran.’ ‘Israel can’t become a major industrial country, but it can become a daring world laboratory and a pilot plant for new ideas, like the electric car,’ he said. Mr. Peres sees this project as part of his ‘green vision’ for Israel, arguing that what the nation may lose in tax revenue it will save in oil. He also supports a larger investment in solar power, saying that ‘the Saudis don’t control the sun.’ Mr. Ofer wants profits, but also thinks the project will help the environment, especially in developing countries. ‘China is on a very dangerous march from bicycles to cars without any notion of what they’re doing to this planet in terms of air,’ he said. And in Mumbai, he said, ‘you can’t even see the sky.’ – NY Times

    There was a time when this country would be the pioneer of such technologies. It’s sad that we’re letting another country take the lead, but thank goodness there is another country willing to take that step. This is certainly in Israel’s best interests too. What a great win-win.

  5. I wonder if perhaps Fisher wasn’t a bit autistic, which lead to some of his outrageous behavior. You know, there is this popular myth that humans only use 10% of our brains. It’s not true, of course. Whatever you don’t use you lose. In the case of autism parts of the brain that enable people to interact well socially are sometimes traded for increased abstract reasoning ability, which might have given him the abilities he had for playing chess.

  6. Oh, and though I certainly didn’t agree with or approve of his anti-American-ness, I guess I didn’t see it as much more than that mad ravings of a lunatic. Since he was generally accepted as a lunatic, I didn’t have nearly the problem with it that I have with lunatics who are generally regarded as smart and influential people. This is basically my position on celebrities who speak out on political issues. Bobby Fisher was, as far as I can tell, basically dismissed as a political activist because he was generally regarded as a brilliant chess player and an idiot at everything else. Which seems to have been more or less accurate. Why do so many people think that other celebrities are not only good at singing or acting or movie making BUT ALSO at political commentary?

  7. Ok, I agree with you about all celebrities except Chuck Norris. I actually heard a rumor that Huckabee is going to appoint Norris to be his Sec Def if elected, and you know what, I don’t have a problem with that. Ok, if I did, there’s always the chance that he could come to my house and kick my ass, but on the other hand this country has come to a place where what’s mainstream has become more bizarre than what’s weird. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this.