EADS raises stakes on the KC-30

kc-30 tanker refuelling f-22a raptorThe ante has been upped in the tanker competition: Airbus Would Build Civilian Jets As Part Of US Deal

The European maker of Airbus planes said Monday it would build civilian jets, as well as military tanker jets as previously reported, in the U.S. if it wins a massive U.S. Air Force contract for refueling tanker planes.

European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. (EADSY), or EADS, said it would put production of the Northrop Grumman KC-30 Tanker platform and the Airbus A330 civilian freighter aircraft at its Mobile, Ala., aerospace center if it wins the contract.

EADS and U.S. partner Northrop Grumman (NOC) are locked in a fierce battle with U.S. aerospace giant Boeing Co. (BA) for the contract, which could be worth up to $200 billion.

The KC-30 is going against Boeing’s KC-767. Final bids were submitted a couple of weeks ago.

EADS has three retired generals advocating for the larger of the two, which happens to be the KC-30.

Meanwhile, Boeing has released a study which shows that commercial 767s are 24% more fuel efficient than commercial A-330s.


  1. Ok, insert tab B into slot A then twist as shown in diagram 4c and attach the two parts using fastener 3. Wait a minute, those are the instructions for assembling my kids bicycle. Where the hell are those assembly directions for this crappy A330? Ok, who threw away the directions for assembling the A330? No, I don’t need the French version. English. We speak English here, or at least some of us do. For now.

  2. That would work if all the space above the floor wasn’t empty. A better question is why the fuselage has such a huge cross sectional area when such a small portion of it is actually used to haul fuel (or anything for that matter).

  3. Another great question would be how much Gen. Charles Horner, Gen. Michael Ryan and Lt. Gen. Michael Short are getting paid to represent a foreign defense contractor? It must be tough to retire on a General’s retirement benefits package alone. They’d probably only be able to afford a golf club membership and 2 or 3 courses without those contractor megabuck endorsements.