Comments are back, sort of. You can post new comments by clicking the Post New Comment link at the bottom of each post, which will take you to a bare-bones version of the page with the new comment submission form on it. You can either sign in or post “anonymously”, which really means post without signing in. If you don’t sign in, you’ll be required to give a name and email (as usual) and also enter a captcha text string which is different than the previous version here.

Comments left from this new page should show up on the standard version of the post.

Take care not to link directly to the comment entry version of the post, as it is only a temporary measure to re-enable commenting while I get the site up to MT4 specs. The pages ending in /temp will be going away soon.

My apologies for all these issues. Comment away, and let me know if you experience any problems.


  1. Here are some movie reviews: Dreamgirls: Too much singing. Hairspray: Same problem. Motorcycle Diaries: They forgot to speak English.