Ron Paul’s missing 31 votes

Jay Tea on the big flap that Paul supporters have been making about the stolen primary in New Hampshire:

One woman made a mistake, and omitted 31 votes out of 920 total votes. She omitted 31 votes out of the over 18,000 votes your hero won. And the instant she found out about it, she fixed it.

She made a very understandable error, and you’re going absolutely apeshit bonkers over it. You’re making her life a living hell, forcing her to change her phone number and live in fear for her life. (No exaggeration; at least one person said she ought to be shot.)

Michigan’s primary is today. I fully expect that we will be treated to another round of “they’re conspiring to undermine Ron Paul” idiocy. For the record, if I’m exit polled I’m going to tell them I voted for Paul just to push his exit poll numbers a tick higher and give the Paullies more “proof” that their guy is getting shafted.


  1. Did that same woman make the mistake that left him out of the last Fox News debate after he finished ahead of Guliani in Ohio? Hmm, seems unlikely. Funny how you didn’t hear to much about his ‘nut fringe’ supporters, even though he somehow magically got reinstated to that debate shortly before it began. Of course, the level of politcal debate in this country seems to consist of labeling anyone who has a different view point as the ‘nut fringe’. Here’s an excerpt from a Pat Buchanan article I read today:

    Meanwhile, Washington drifts mindlessly toward the maelstrom. With the dollar sinking, oil surging to $100 a barrel, the Dow having its worst January in memory, foreclosures mounting, credit card debt going rotten, and consumers and businesses unable or unwilling to borrow, we appear headed into recession. If so, tax revenue will fall and spending on unemployment will surge. The price of the stimulus packages both parties are preparing will further add to the deficit and further imperil the U.S. credit rating. This all comes in the year that the first of the baby boomers, born in 1946, reach early retirement and eligibility for Social Security. To stave off recession, the Fed appears anxious to slash interest rates another half-point, if not more. That will further weaken the dollar and raise the costs of the imports to which we have become addicted. While all this is bad news for the Republicans, it is worse news for the republic. As we save nothing, we must borrow both to pay for the imported oil and foreign manufactures upon which we have become dependent. We are thus in the position of having to borrow from Europe to defend Europe, of having to borrow from China and Japan to defend Chinese and Japanese access to Gulf oil, and of having to borrow from Arab emirs, sultans and monarchs to make Iraq safe for democracy. We borrow from the nations we defend so that we may continue to defend them. To question this is an unpardonable heresy called ‘isolationism.’ And the chickens of globalism are coming home to roost.

    Isolationism. I guess that’s a word like homophobism, or islamophobism. No debate required. We’ve got a name for what you are buddy. Now slip your arms into this jacket. We’ll take care of getting you buckled.

  2. For the record, I’d like to make sure it’s the ‘nut fringe’ Paul supporters I have a problem with, and that I don’t think all Paul supporters are part of that group. But there is definitely a solid fringe of nuts supporting Paul, and I’ve grown tired of them constantly jamming up the link aggregation sites I frequent with all of their gibberish. Reading their commentary, it’s clear that very few of them are very knowledgeable about the issues or have thought their positions through very carefully, and when their guy loses big it’s always because someone stole votes from him or didn’t include his fifth-place finish in a graph of the top 4 from each party.

  3. Apparently it’s kook fring to believe any of this crap:

    Article 1, Section 8. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; To borrow money on the credit of the United States; To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes; To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States; To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures; To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States;

    Mainstream Americans whip open the newspapers to read the latest on Paris Hilton.