Voted in Michigan

Murdoc stopped and voted in the Republican primary on the way home from work. The snow wasn’t too bad and the roads were perfectly fine. (Special note to whoever moved the polling place to its new location: Thanks. I don’t have to go out of my way any more and the parking lot is not bottlenecked on a busy street like the old one.)

I was voter #826 in my precinct, which doesn’t seem very high at all. Predictions had been that about 20% of registered voters would participate, but I’d guess that it’s less than that in my area. Only a few people at work voted that I know of.

There were only two people in line in front of me, and they both had their driver’s licenses out and ready to comply with Michigan’s new Voter ID law. I had mine out as well, but I put it away before I got to the front, wanting to make sure the poll worker would ask me for it. She did and she checked it. She had also appeared to carefully check the ID of the woman in front of me, so I felt satisfied that, in my precinct at least, they were sticking with it.

I voted (for neither McCain nor Romney, incidentally) and headed out, disappointed that there wasn’t anyone waiting to poll me as I exited. I had really been hoping to tell them that I voted for Ron Paul (which I didn’t) and give the Paul loonies more ammunition when their guy came in so far back after things looked SO GOOD.

UPDATE: Instapundit points out a Hot Air post that says McCain has left the state and that exit poll numbers show Romney leading 35-29.

I personally expected McCain to win a squeaker. The Romney-leads-the-exit-polls speculation points to a McCain victory, doesn’t it? I mean, at what point do we begin to suspect election fraud when the exit polls correctly predict the winner?


  1. Did you think Ron Paul would clobber the mainstream moderate hopeful Rudy Gulianni and the conservative second coming of Ronald Regan, Fred Thompson. Actually I think Thompson only channels Regan’s sleeping state. Actually, I consider it heresy to compare the two. That damn Thompson is nothing more than a slippery, John Edwards type of trial lawyer. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only idiot on the ballot. It is interesting to see the trial lawyers aren’t putting all their money (eggs) into the Democrat basket this time. I guess the corruption demonstrated by the Republicans recenty must have drawn their intetest.