Get your Dragon Skin

Michael Yon is selling his Dragon Skin body armor on eBay. Current bid is $609, though the reserve has not yet been met.

UPDATE: He also has a post up at his site on it

I paid approximately $4,000 for this body armor but would not recommend it to any buyer who plans to use it in combat. I do not like Dragon Skin for various reasons. The Dragon Skin is too heavy and also relatively difficult to wear. If you fall in the water with this body armor, I think you will drown before you can shed the Dragon Skin, or if you are trapped in tangled wreckage after an IED, you will have an extremely difficult time shedding the Dragon Skin. There is no quick release and it’s plain hard to get in and out of. I talked with a Special Forces soldier some months ago about body armor. His humvee was hit with an EFP and was burning. He said that if not for the quick release on his armor, he said he would have burned up.

A medic I talked to at some point said that they were having problems with non-standard armor because they either A) couldn’t or B) didn’t know how to get it off in a hurry to treat a wounded man. He said that he didn’t know if additional training would allow them to get Dragon Skin off as quickly as the standard Interceptor because the design simply made it more difficult. This was back before non-standard armor was outlawed.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon this video of a newsreel report on Marine body armor during the Korean War at The Smoking Gun.


  1. In Boot Camp in 1989, the issued us that Korean War body armor and had us hump all over Paris Island in it. The stuff feels like a jacket stuffed with 20 lbs of pots and pans. I got a real nice heat rash from it.