Gonna be a wild summer, that’s for sure

A Rudy McRompson Administration?

And this in the comments:

McCain’s probably in the best position to get the nomination at a brokered convention, since being his VP is much more of a prize than being the VP of any other candidate, due to his age (most likely to not seek a second term for health or personal reasons) and electability (much better to be a sitting VP than the losing VP candidate).

Politics posts will grow a bit more common here as things heat up, but it’s not really Murdoc’s thing and there are plenty of others posting on it day and night.


  1. A brokered convention would typically make the party platform much more significant than it has been in years past. When there’s a clear winner going into the convention, the platform tends not to mean anything to the presidential candidate. In years of brokered conventions the party platform becomes one of the ways minor candidates ensure their issues become significant in the presidential election because the candidates often pick up those issues in order to pick up delegate votes. You youngsters wouldn’t know anything about this, having grown up with the sanitized week long infomercial style party conventions.

  2. Dfens: Not that I’ve ever seen a real brokered convention, but I’d welcome one for a change. After all, what’s it going to do? Make things worse? It’s funny, because in my lifetime I’ve basically wondered why they even bother with the conventions. Well, maybe not so funny, looking back at the politics of my lifetime.

  3. As an outside observer I must say the Republican candidates are a lot more interesting to follow than the Democrat ones. Some of them even seem like human beings rather than just political entities.

  4. Yeah, Hillary is trying to convince people that if you just replace the R with a D that’s all the change this country needs. Frankly, I don’t see any significant difference between Bill and George, why would I believe Hilly wouldn’t be more of the same? The reason I’m interested in Paul’s campaign is because my primary issues in this election are our national soverignty and immigration. Even if Paul doesn’t win, a vote for him gains clout for those issues in the party platform. If the Republicans don’t honor that platform, then he and his voters will bolt and become an independant party. That would destroy the already slim chance the Republicans have of winning this election.