More problems

I’ve been encountering a weird error where MO’s main page somehow gets republished with no posts. I suspect that it must have something to do with the scheduled post tool, so I’m going to disable that and see if it makes a difference.

Once again, my apologies. I’ve been running MT4 on GunPundit for months with zero problems, but I’ve obviously had issues since upgrading over here.

The commenting system is back on, though.


  1. A problem I’ve had for a while on your page is that the top/new articles vanish, leaving a blank space. If I scroll down and up again, getting the article to go off and back onscreen, it reappears. I’m using XP pro and IE.

  2. Darrell: That is an issue that I think has to do with IE and certain display settings on the computer being used. I think I know the cause of it and (if I’m right) it will be solved in the near future. Thanks, and if anyone has more issues don’t hesitate to let me know.