23:07 8 Apr 2003

Where are these guys? We’ve seen video of their vehicles unloading in Kuwait, but I haven’t seen or heard anything in several days. It was thought that they might be unloaded and ready to go around April 10th. It’s the 8th. Are they maybe on their way north toward Tikrit? Despite all the talk that this fighting in Baghdad is the last battle, I think that if a stand is going to be made anywhere, it’s going to be in Tikrit.

Besides, Tikrit is on the way to Syria.

Update 08:23 9 Apr 2003

This UPI story has some good info about Tikrit, and this is near the end.

The arrival of the U.S. 4th Division in the north gives coalition commanders a new political tool to help decide the political fate of the north. And armored reinforcements have been landing over the past 24 hours at the 173rd brigade’s airbase at Hariri in the Kurdish-held region of northern Iraq, the first time M1-A2 Abrams tanks have been landed by air in a combat zone.

I don’t know what they mean by “the arrival of the 4th Division.” Also, the flying in of M1 tanks is not insignificant. If they’re being flown in now, it might signal a change in plans. If it had been planned all along, I’d think they would have started immediately, since tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles can only be flow one per plane on C-5s or C-17s. In comparison, the new Stryker can be flown in on a C-130, or up to 4 (I think) on a C-17.