From the Department of Let’s Hope They Only Read The Headline comes this:

Hopes for Vehicle Questioned After Iraq Blast

The article notes that the first confirmed death of an American aboard an MRAP hit by an IED occurred in Iraq on Saturday:

The military has been careful to point out that the new vehicle is not impervious to attack, and that a sufficiently powerful bomb can destroy any vehicle. Still, a forensic team was flown in immediately to inspect the charred wreckage, from which wires and tangled metal protruded, to determine whether the bombing had revealed a design flaw.

–It’s a great vehicle, but there is no perfect vehicle,” said Lt. Col. Kenneth Adgie, commander of the battalion that lost the soldier.

Three of the four people aboard suffered only broken feet and lacerations. Pending the results of an investigation, it is unclear yet whether the gunner was killed by the blast or by the vehicle rolling over.

Reading the article reveals no “questions” about the MRAP that I can find. In what appears to be a fairly straightforward news report (particularly considering the source), I guess they had to resort to headline trickery to get their message out.

There are, in fact, some questions about the MRAP. But this incident and the fact that for the first time a soldier has been killed by an IED while in one, hasn’t sparked them.

UPDATE: And this isn’t the first time a soldier has been killed in an MRAP, anyway.


  1. Well, i guess its time to adopted the british Challenge II. =P That thing can take hits that would make the Abrams craps itself.