Immigration Flap in KC

Here’s the story: Kansas City official resigns over immigration flap

Kansas City parks board commissioner Frances Semler has resigned because his “immigration flap” has been more or less responsible for two groups choosing not to hold conventions in KC.

What’s the flap?

She’s a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC).

Membership in a group that does nothing illegal to help stop people who do things that are illegal is enough to get you on the blacklist these days.

Semler didn’t join the Minutemen until December. Blacklists spread fast, these days.

Kansas City mayor Mark Funkhouser told Semler not to attend a Minutemen meeting next month.

“Any individual or organization who speaks with concern of the impact of the well-organized invasion of illegals in this country is subjected to being called terms such as bigot or racist,” Semler said in her resignation letter.


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