Friday Linkzookery – 25 Jan 2008

Piecing Together the Dark Legacy of East Germany’s Secret Police
Decent article, but I’m always amused by so many people going “Wow! Now that Communism has fallen we’re learning all of these terrible, terrible things! Who would have ever guess that so much bad was going on?” Like it’s been some big secret, or something.

From Kosovo war to Cold War?
Austin Bay writes: Sunday’s first-round 2008 presidential vote in Serbia was another battle in the Kosovo War, and it will not be the last.

US Air Force tests synthetic fuel in CFM56
I continue to be impressed with the USAF’s work in this area. The CFM56 powers the Boeing 737 family as well as the Airbus A320 and A340. Obviously, there are a lot of these planes besides in the military.

Army to Retire BDUs
Final wear-out date for the Army Battle Dress Uniform and Desert Battle Dress Uniform will be April 30 for both active-duty and reserve-component Soldiers.

Taliban seize Nato supplies in Pakistan
The suspected mastermind behind Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has stolen sophisticated Nato equipment by raiding the alliance’s supply lines running through Pakistani territory.

Passing along the torch of nerd-dom
MO pal GeekLethal writes about that great moment all fathers look forward to: Sharing the wonder of Robotech with their offspring.

Guam Braces for Peaceful Military Incursion
The build-up on Guam continues.

Military balance tilting toward China
The military balance between China and Taiwan is turning in China’s favor due to its huge defense spending that showed double-digit growth for the nine consecutive years from 1989.

Chinese Submarine Patrols Rebound in 2007, but Remain Limited
Six patrols last year, up from four in 2006.

Why is your flight so late? Another excellent explanation
What? Intentionally over-scheduling? Are you kidding me? It’s almost like they don’t care if there are delays.

Researcher offers clues on new Area 51 name
Homey Airport? Are you kidding?

Woman With Tattoo From Homemade Gun Got Sick
Kids, just say NO to door-to-door tattoo salesmen using improvised tools.

Mississippi plans Katrina grant diversion
State wants $600 million from housing program for huge port expansion

Light it Up!
James Rummel on emergency flashlights.

Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Light Bulb Challenge
Got an email recently telling me that there was no need to “wait” for LED home light bulbs because they were already available. But I haven’t found anything that is either affordable or useful for general home lighting yet. CFLs for the time being, though if I’m wrong please point me in the right direction.

“I blacked out for a while (it happens to me sometimes)”
Favorite A&W restaurant memory.