More Chris Matthews Wackiness

chris matthews

Not that anyone will be surprised by this, but Chris Matthews, the wacky host of MSNBC’s Hardball, is out of his mind. In a segment on Friday with Deroy Murdock (no relation) Matthews was refreshingly honest when he flat out stated “I want to see people disarmed.”

Oh, and he also thinks people walking down the sidewalk should be searched for weapons “like they do getting on airplanes.” You just can’t make this stuff up.

Newsbusters has the video
, but I think the transcript I put together over at GunPundit is better.


  1. Rrrriiiight…so Matthews’ dream is that the only people who can legally carry are agents of the state. That idea puts a hard, icy ball in the pit of my stomach.

  2. I wonder too how it work to search everybody walking down the sidewalk. Even if the 2 and 4 Amendments were abolished. What, do you put like 80 cops on every corner and tell people to line up to be searched? And what happens at the next corner? Or maybe you get searched when you leave your house, by the police detail posted to your street; they search everybody’s person and vehicle as they leave for work in the morning. Then you would get searched at your workplace, before you went in the building. And of course you’d be searched when you left at night, if not before; if you had lunch outside the building you would’ve been searched upon leaving at lunchtime, searched upon returning after lunch, and of course searched going in and out of wherever it was you bought your lunch. Oh, and if you walked any distance to get to the restaurant, you probably woulda been searched once or twice on the sidewalk, too. Then at the end of the day, you’d be searched again by your neighborhood police detachment on your street, and finally, you could go in your house. Perfectly safe. Perfectly ratf*ck crazy, too.