Bushmaster to produce Magpul’s Masada

Over at GunPundit, news that Bushmaster will manufacture the Magpul Masada, with a few modifications from last year’s prototype, as the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle).

Hopefully there will be more news on this at the SHOT Show, which begins tomorrow.


  1. lord I don’t hope they FUBAR this like they did the 1/9 twist barrel situation. For those who don’t know, the milspec barrel twist is 1/7. THats one twist every 7 inches. Bushemaster looked at the bullets being used in ARs and said ‘eh, 1/9 is good enough for those’ and produced 1/9 twist barrels and never changed the tooling. What came up though was bullet weight. Sure it works okay for 55 and 62 grain bullets, but when you bump it up to the heavier 70+ grain pills, they go unstable because they arn’t spinning fast enough…not enough twist. I want my barrels milspec any news on when they are going to release them for civvy purchase?