Super Bowl Predicitons

Here are some predictions from my party this weekend:

  • Murdoc: NE 38-20
  • My Wife: NE 38-21
  • My Brother: NE 27-17
  • My Mom: NE 27-13
  • My Son: NE 13-7
  • My Daughter: NE wins

I think New York will play decently and the Patriots won’t run away with it, but I also don’t think that the outcome will really ever be in doubt.

For the record, I also happen to think that, though the New England receivers are obviously awesome, the Giants receivers are plenty good.

UPDATE: No refunds on Super Bowl predictions.


  1. One of the beat writers for the Chicago Trib had an article highlighting moments in the game, using Roman numerals. A couple down the list had the Giants winning the toss and electing to lose. 😉 I want the Pats to win if only to shut the Dolphins up, but it appears they have no intention of going quietly into the night. I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep up their goofy tradition of popping bubbly every year when the last undefeated team meets their match in the regular season.

  2. You Murdoc! Did you have Crow for dessert? Perhaps with a side-dish of Humble Pie, served by Waiter Brady at Chez Belichick? I’m lovin’ it! Pinch