Confused Canadian

Somehow happened upon this: How this Canadian voted on the issues

Here’s his vote on issue 8:

8. Assault Weapons Ban. Yes! If not, I will buy myself a fifty caliber machine gun for target practice on public property. Give me a break, folks! The world absolutely believes Americans as a group are fanatically dangerous! Why prove them correct?

Um, .50 caliber machine guns were not banned by the Assault Weapons Ban. No machine guns were. Again, we have some clueless boob misrepresenting what the AWB did and what the consequences of letting it sunset were.

But issue 9 takes the cake:

9. Gun Background Checks. Yes! If not, I recomend selling guns to mental hospital patients. Guns kill!They don’t dig gardens, they kill! Freedom is threatened by guns and certainly not protected by guns!

Emphasis Murdoc’s. Obviously, the bolded statement is just plain ignorant, but get what the author writes in his part of his windy bio:

As I write these words, the desperate and starving in Darfur are waiting for rescue.

“Rescue?” What does he mean, “rescue?” Remember that gun don’t protect freedom. What are “rescuers” supposed to use? Harsh language?

Next sentence:

I motivated a few kind hearted California Actors to visit the region and to report back. They did! They then created the Darfur coalition and they continue to fight to save the innocent victims trapped in tents in the desert of the Sudan.

Great! No more suffering in Darfur!

Oh, wait. The suffering hasn’t ended yet. It’s not exactly clear why the California actors didn’t “rescue” the desperate and starving in Darfur.

But this “non-profit and generic freedom loving journalist” has taken the time to “study and to understand the problems connected with human activity on this Planet.” Here’s what he understands about Darfur:

Darfuri’s were attacked and moved from their homes because somebody believes there is Oil under the Sudan desert.

The words of Joseph Raglione, executive director of the World Humanitarian Peace and Ecology Movement.


  1. MO, Freedom most certainly *is* threatened by guns, when only agents of the state can lawfully own or carry them. I’d give him partial credit for that. Of course, the position that Hollywood can solve the problems of the world’s wretched is laughably obtuse. No points; automatic fail.