Romney Bowing?

Romney to suspend his presidential bid

Whatever happens, it’s important for Conservatives to not hold grudges. There’s too much to lose.


  1. If there’s a conservative in this race, Romney was not it. Just because he changed his colors lately does not convince me he’s any more of a conservative than McCain or Clinton. As far as I can tell, Paul is the only conservative in the race and probably Huckabee too. And no, I don’t care that Huckabee raised state taxes. State taxes aren’t what I have a problem with, it’s federal taxes. That’s where all the income redistribution is being done. I figure McCain has been trying to get Huckabee as his VP to smooth things over with Christian conservatives. It won’t make any difference to me, I still won’t vote for that idiot. I’d like for someone to ask McCain if he’s such a big defense reformer, why did the F-22 take twice as long and cost twice as much as the B-2 to develop? McCain is nothing but a defense corporate shill thinly disguised as a ‘reformer’.

  2. Yeah, this sucks. I was hoping Romney would stick in there; not so much because I think he’s a conservative, but because a convention would be a good thing for the party.

  3. That’s a good point. If McCain doesn’t get enough votes to get the nomination on the first ballot, there may still be a decent convention. There will be a lot of uncommitted votes on the second ballot, and a lot of unhappy conservatives at the convention. All you can do now is vote, or at least you can if you live in Washington, Wisconsin, Texas and some of the other late voting states. A few weeks back I saw a guy peddaling his book on CSPAN. He said that conservative voters come primarily from the middle class. Ironically the Republicans are killing off the middle class, then telling us, ‘we have to be moderates because there just aren’t enough conservative voters out there.’ Gee, I wonder why that’s true? You ship all the middle class jobs overseas and of course there won’t be any conservative votes. The sad thing is, the conservatives don’t get it. They won’t figure out what’s going on until its too late. By then their votes will be diluted by runaway immigration, both legal and illegal, and the destruction of the middle class. Even then they may stay in this fog thinking they are still citizens of the USA, when instead they’ll be citizens of first the North American Union, and shortly after that they’ll get to be citizens of the global union. Of course, who cares? It’s not like the US stands for anything any more. Patriotism is passe, just ask the Dixie Chicks.

  4. I don’t think it’s an issue of the conservatives not getting it. It’s the timidity of replacing people who don’t stand for conservatism thats whats killing us. But then again, thats not so much a conservative problem as it is a republican party one. The party dosen’t want to remove them because it’s ‘weakening the party’ in the short run; but in the long run, it’s killing them. It’s extremely difficult to keep principaled conservatives in office. The trend of politicians is to play for power; getting ones in there that are willing to sacrifice it for the group is a hard soul to find. Even harder is getting enough of them together to actually do anything. So, because of that we lose a little bit of freedom everytime congress meets. A sad state of affairs.

  5. All good points. Of course, if you’re part of some special interest group you have institutions that provide you guidance and support. You have instituions that look out for your interests. If you’re just a regular middle class person trying to do the right thing, get an education, go to church, work hard at your job, every institution that would have the likes of you is only interested in exploiting you for monitary or other gain.

  6. On the plus side with McCain, hopefully the Army’s FCS system will bite the big one. I would love to consider myself a conservative, except as it now appears to stand in order to be a ‘conservative’ you have fit a litany of right social positions. I would go for the libertarian moniker but they two have some whacked social positions. I would love an affiliation with a party of fiscal conservatives and social agnostics.

  7. Actually James, I truly believe that real conservatives concern themselves with keeping government small, federalist, and in line with the Constitution. Social issues belong to the states and the People. Fred Thompson seemed to be the only candidate who shared my opinion on this.

  8. Did Thompson ever run for president? (Just joking). The thing I hate about the conservative positions on social issues is that there is not room for debate. All those positions are handed down from God and that’s the way it is. Of course, my pet peeve is with the conservative position on oil. I simply cannot reconcile myself to it being conservative to send money to countries like Saudi Arabia for oil and having them turn it around and send people and guns and bombs to kill our troops. To me that’s entirely indefensible, and as much as I don’t like McCain I have to give him credit for taking a reasonable position with regard to his energy policy. To most conservatives this is pure blasphemy. After all, what’s really important is that we are right and those liberals who believe in global warming are wrong and that’s the end of the issue. No debate, no compromise, no common interest or common ground, it’s just we are right and they are wrong period. That’s the difference between the Republican party in the ’80s and now. In the ’80s the Republican party was the party of ideas and the Democrats were the party of orthodoxy. Today, even though the Democrats don’t really seem to have any new ideas it doesn’t matter because the Republicans make them seem brilliant by comparison.

  9. To most conservatives this is pure blasphemy. After all, what’s really important is that we are right and those liberals who believe in global warming are wrong and that’s the end of the issue. No debate, no compromise, no common interest or common ground, it’s just we are right and they are wrong period.’ Hey Dfens: have you ever tried debating with a liberal over global warming? It goes like this….. Me: Have you looked at the information and data that conflict with your proof? Them: AAAAAAA! You’re buying into the denial! You’re part of the problem! Me: How about the data showing that the recent increase in solar radiation may be the major contributor to global warming? Them: WHAT! Haven’t you seen An Inconvenient Truth?! It PROVES that we’re the cause, so how can the sun have anything to do with it?!?! Me: But many scientists have switched sides, and have stated they are unsure how big an impact man has: what about that? Them: They’re part of the conspiracy! Hiding the true facts about Man’s destruction of the planet! I’ve seen, and taken part in, conversation on the net JUST LIKE THAT, and believe me, they make Republicans look like geniuses. I hate to disagree, but the only ‘our way or the highway’, no-debate group I’ve seen are the Democrats. Every time the Republicans ask for compromise, they get crucified by the Dems, who question their values, commitment, etc. I agree with you on the whole oil thing: kinda makes you wonder why God decided to park religious fanatics on most of the worlds oil, doesn’t it? So far, McCains energy policy is the only thing I’ve been able to stomach about him. The ONLY reason I’ll hold my nose and vote for him if he’s ‘it’, is because there is no way I want either the Antichrist or the School boy coupled with 2 years of an all Dem congress. Brrrr….Am I the only one that felt that chill in the air?

  10. Yeah, well, we all know how it goes when you try to argue with a liberal. We’ve seen that enough times here. What I do when I discuss energy with my liberal friends is to focus on solutions rather than the problem. We can build on that common ground and it gives us a good base for talking about other issues where we disagree.