Clayton Cramer on McCain

Grow Up, Everyone

Yes, I’m disappointed. Yes, I won’t trust McCain on much of anything but War on Terror and maybe gun rights. But ask yourself: would you rather have a President who can’t be trusted, and may do the wrong thing on issue after issue? Or a President that you can count on to do the wrong thing on all the same issues? And probably screw up the War on Terror as well?

That is essentially where I’m coming from.

I know that a lot of folks disagree, and I think their reasons for thinking what they think are fairly solid. But the cure is likely to be worse than the disease, and I’m skeptical that the cure will work in the first place.

The Dems are keeping their fingers crossed, saying their prayers, clicking their heels three times, and saying “Please let the Conservatives believe they can teach the GOP a lesson, Please let the Conservatives believe they can teach the GOP a lesson, Please let the Conservatives believe they can teach the GOP a lesson!”

Fire away.


  1. You’re a jerk, Murdoc! You suck! You smell like a hamster’s rump! I’m taking my marbles and going home, you jerk! Loser! Go back to your Mom’s basement. Voting for McCain is like voting for the devil himself, you Hitler Nazi fascist pig! Pinko! The other thread on this subject is too civilized, so I thought we should mix it up a bit on this one :).

  2. I heard Murdoc is supporting McCain because he and McCain support eating children*! I’m willing to debate the abortion issue, and could be swayed either way, but McCain and Murdoc want to eat children who are 2-3 years old! That’s unacceptable. Vote your conscience. Vote no on McCain, no on Murdoc. Unless you want a toddler for supper. * Well that’s what I heard!

  3. Did you ever see that photo of Murdoc and McCain hanging out with Che Guevara back in the 60’s? I don’t have it handy, but I’m pretty sure it exists!

  4. Why hasn’t Murdoc discussed those 6 years between 1988 and 1994 that he disappeared behind the iron curtain in China (aka ‘the lost weekend’)? What is he hiding? And why did China develop something similar to our Aegis protection scheme during those years? Why is Mr. Murdoc’s middle name ‘Chang’? With so many unanswered questions, can we really vote for his candidate, McCain, with any confidence? (In fairness, I should note that some of this comment might have been fabricated.)

  5. Where was Murdoc in 1972 when Watergate was going on? McCain has a valid alibi, if the North Vietnamese can be trusted, but Murdoc doesn’t! How can we the opinion of a man who may have been involved in the largest Republican scandal in American history? Ok, I’m out of Murdoc bashing ideas… for a while :).

  6. Lastly let me just remind you of the McCain-Feingold-Murdoc plan for government sponsored censorship of free speech! I haven’t read it lately, but I’m pretty sure it ALSO supports the idea that we should be eating toddlers. I say NO! No to eating toddlers, and no to McCain-Feingold-Murdoc! BTW, is this horse dead? ‘Cause I’m kind of sleepy.

  7. Don’t forget that Murdoc (and I assume McCain) fails to acknowledge the impending zombie war. I’m sure he’d leave our brains to the enemy without a second thought. (Doubt they’d want his.)

  8. As we all know, Murdoc has been implicated in the ‘Who shot JR’ fiasco, even though nothing has been proven. But did you know he was an unindicted conspirator in the ‘Hands Across America’ thingamajig? Data is still sketchy, but it’s clear that Murdoc, and possibly McCain were active in trying to cut those hands off! Is that a policy we want in our future president? Say no to severed hands! Say no to McCain, and no to Murdoc. This pinot noir is making me both dizzy and sick, so I have to go to bed. BUT I SHALL RETURN! Assuming Murdoc doesn’t ban me of course. In that case, I SHALL NOT RETURN!

  9. KTLA makes a great point. Both McCain and his evil sidekick Murdoc support zombies! Now I should say that I’m fairly pro-zombie, as long as they stay in one of the evil dimensions. But the Murdoc/McCain ticket wants to bring them here! I say no. No to Murdoc, no to zombies, no to McCain. NO!

  10. Hehe, that’s the best part about the internet. You can just make stuff up :). This just came across the wires: McCain/Hilary/Murdoc Love Triangle? Developing…

  11. When the Air Force was considering buying the new F-22, both McCain and Murdoc came out in support of the F-19! That’s 3 worse than an F-22! If they would have come out in support of an F-24 or F-26, that would have been fine. Enough of this old-school F-‘less than twenty’ thinking. If that’s not enough to anger you, know this: The machine Murdoc and McCain supported was called the ‘F-19 Cuddly Kitten’. It dropped 2,000 lb loads of wildflower seeds. And not even precisely. Frankly, I can’t see how you guys are supporting this duo.

  12. I know the guy who designed the F-19, or at least the model version of it. The fact that the model was more advanced than the acutal F-117 made the USAF so mad that they made the model companies stop production. You’ll notice that the model had the exhaust laminarization tunnels before the YF-23.