So it’s not just me?

Congress Clemens Hearings

From Cagle Cartoons.

While we should all wish that Congress was doing something constructive instead of holding hearings about entertainment, I guess we should be glad that they aren’t doing what they normally do.


  1. Yes! They should all be at home living with the laws they passed. If not, something harmless like baseball is a good way for them to spend their time. The war seems to be going well in Iraq. The last thing I want is them messing with healthcare or the economy unless it is deregulation.

  2. I certainly don’t think the use of steroids or GHB is acceptable in any professional athletics (I don’t say ‘sport’ because once they’re paying you millions to do it…………it’s not a sport anymore), though given Pro BBs slack @$$ attitude towards roids and GHB, and their forwarning many players of upcoming tests, I’m anything but shocked to hear usage was widespread. It’s wonderful our Congress has enough time on it’s hands to spend it grandstanding for the cameras over the alleged roid/GHB abuse by a single guy. The dishonesty and rotten ethics of a single pro athlete merits congressional attention??? I notice Congress isn’t interrogating any ‘unknown’ alleged drug users; there wouldn’t be any publicity in that. There were many serious rule violations and criminal activity tacking place every day under my old agencies jurisdiction; woe to the subordinate who was wasting time on Mickey Mouse violations when many more serious ones were taking place within their purview. Congress is minding out pro athletes………who the heck is minding Congress? Schmucks!