Briefcase Gun

I’d not heard that any of these had ever turned up in Iraq. Looks like someone had a stash.


  1. Wow, who even knew these existed? Perfect for disgruntled defense workers everywhere. Oh come on, I’m just kidding. I haven’t snapped yet. Really.

  2. Yeah, I feel so much safer. I wonder if that cluster bomb submunition I found in my desk drawer would have been enough to get me fired – had it been live. To the credit of my fellow employees, no one called security on me even though we were playing catch with it at one point. I couldn’t remember for sure if blue paint meant inert, but I was pretty sure it did… Would have sucked to have been wrong. Only two security guys showed up to confiscate it when I did report it. I figured they’d evacuate the building. I guess I didn’t sound too crazy on the phone. Go figure.