Sometimes, the Slopes Hit You

My 10-year-old daughter went skiing yesterday and we got a snapshot:


She’s fine. On Monday they’ll set the break.

If you aren’t skiing hard, you aren’t skiing. And Murdoc’s kids ski.

Good thing I wasn’t with, because I probably would have told her something along the lines of “tape it up and get back in the game.” I always say that God created moms to protect the children from the dads.

If posting has suddenly let up, I apologize. But someone has to carry the girl around. And sometimes sit by her and do nothing but be close.


  1. I think you’re right. The trick is that when you fall (not if) it should be in such a way that you don’t hurt yourself much. For example, try to fall on a part of your body that’s thick, won’t break, and doesn’t contain anything vital. I tend to use my head. Now please excuse me, I’m off to join the libertarian party…

  2. Hope she’s feeling better soon! I always enjoyed skiing (about 30 years ago), when my buds and I were going (Pando…….I usually stuck to the sissy hill; though I did work up the courage to scream all the way down the intermediate hill ……….once. LOL!) Anyway, tell her to hang in there, and not let this put her off skiing!

  3. tape it up and get back in the game’ That’s what Jack Youngblood did. You heal after the season’s over. Hope she feels better.