Friday Linkzookery – 22 Feb 2008

The Carrier Cold War
US to give the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) to India if they agree to buy Super Hornets?

China Requests Satellite Shoot-Down Data
That would be funny if I was sure we wouldn’t give it to them.

U.S. nuclear submarine Ohio arrives in S Korea for joint military exercises
The USS Ohio (SSGN 726) is one of the four cruise missile boats. My guess is that we won’t really hear a lot news about those boats.

Marines yield to civilian drivers in Anbar
Moving toward a stability ops mindset.

Toy Guns
I continue to think that some toy guns are dangerously realistic.

Unbelievable “Battleship” Coincidence!
Not going to cross the T that way.


EE-9 Cascavel

U.S. Hands Over 35 Cascavels to Iraqi Army
Six wheels and 90mm gun.

Happy Anniversary, Dear Danger Room
1st birthday for Noah and friends.

Raytheon’s Standard Missile Naval Defense Family
DID on the missile of the hour.

LED Bulbs Last Longer, Use Less Energy, And Emit Less CO2 Than CFL Bulbs
Again, the seeming total and absolute lack of LED bulbs for standard home use is disappointing. The best general purpose home bulb-type LED is a 30-35-watt equivalent and costs a whopping $37. Most LED bulbs are in the 15-20-watt equivalent range and are floodlights or spotlights, not general purpose bulb replacements.

RAF and navy hardest hit by


  1. im sorry but im glad noah is no longer at defensetech its so much better now without that political bs that noah used to put on there (ill especially remember when he used the ACLU to prove that Bush was lieing during the 04 debates) i dont see whats so special about the battleship coincidense. ive had atleast 6 when i played with my dad (granted it was on graph paper and not a playset) 😛

  2. btw this cant be good,2933,332038,00.html HAGATNA, Guam -The Air Force says a B-2 stealth bomber crashed on Guam, but the pilots ejected safely. The Air Force says medical authorities evaluated the pilots and both are in good condition. Emergency responders are on the scene at Andersen Air Force Base . A board of officers will investigate the accident. Each B-2 bomber costs about $1.2 billion to build. All 21 stealth bombers are based at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri but the Air Force has been rotating several of them through Guam since 2004, along with B-1 and B-52 bombers. The rotations are designed to boost the U.S. security presence in the Asia-Pacific region while other U.S. forces diverted to fight in the Middle East. u buy so few of them, inevitable crashes are gonna hurt like hell

  3. Each B-2 bomber costs about $1.2 billion to build.’ I read that it was substantially less than that (incremental unit cost), however re-starting the production line would likely cost something, and maybe that’s a valid figure in 2008 dollars.

  4. I remember a day when we didn’t have to throw in an aircraft carrier or 1000 goats to get a third world country to buy our fighter jets. There was a time when our aircraft were second to none from the top of the line to the bottom. Today it takes 25 years to develop a fighter and it costs so much that you can’t afford to develop any other new Air Force aircraft at the same time that program is running. It’s unbelieveable. It’s even more unbelieveable because the Russians are kicking our ass with aerodynamics technology they stole from us, technology that we’ve abandoned in our latest generation fighter. We could have bought aircraft with better aerodynamics than the Su-30 or F-14, but we decided it was ‘too risky’.

  5. LED lights will be great when they are affordable. CFLs are a pretty economical option right now. I just bought a package of 4 100 watt equivalent bulbs at BJ’s wholesale club for $9.99. At work we have some high powered lasers that use diode lasers to pump the gas in a more convential lasing tube. It may be the future of LED lighting is similar with the LEDs stimulating a combination of gasses and coatings.