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Sucky Sucky Fidel

CNN: Emphasize the Good

CNN: Be kind to Castro

CNN memo tells writers to emphasize Castro’s good qualities and to blame the US for Cuban problems if possible.

I noted the other day that the story I linked to was all sucky-sucky about Castro’s legacy.

UPDATE: More sucky-sucky:

Congressman Serrano Praises Castro

An elected US representative. Funny that no mention is made of his party affiliation. Any guesses?

Crooked Timber:

I’m reminded of A.J.P. Taylor writing somewhere or other (reference please, dear readers?) that what the capitalists and their lackeys really really hated about Soviet Russia was not its tyrannical nature but the fact that there was a whole chunk of the earth’s surface where they were no longer able to operate. Ditto Cuba, for a much smaller chunk. So let’s hear it for universal literacy and decent standards of health care. Let’s hear it for the Cubans who help defeat the South Africans and their allies in Angola and thereby prepared the end of apartheid. Let’s hear it for the middle-aged Cuban construction workers who held off the US forces for a while on Grenada. Let’s hear it for Elian Gonzalez. Let’s hear it for 49 years of defiance in the face of the US blockade. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Right. The problem with the Soviet Empire was that it was off-limits and capitalists were jealous and feeling left out. And “ditto Cuba.”

Let’s hear it for freedom of speech, even when what you have to say is stupid.

Book offers humanized look at Castro

The author draws the book to an end with –A Good Fight.” He says Castro has been more committed to personal power than Communist dogma.


  1. Perhaps this effusive misty eyedness (is that a word?? LOL!) is merely a foreshadowing of perople never saying anything bad about the dead? OK……………that was mean spirited of me. But then…………..I AM a bad man!

  2. Let’s hear it for freedom of speech, even when what you have to say is stupid.’ It’s more than stupid. I would like to see this guy leaving Bristol and going to live in Havana. There he can resume teaching the poor guys the same b/s. He could swim from Florida to Cuba, as well, to prove he is in good shape. Sorry Murdoc, I might be a little bit too sensitive to these topics, but this can be explained as I spend (or waste) a big part of my life in a former communist country, where I took benefit of the great ‘universal literacy and decent standards of health care.’