US Embassy in Belgrade

Protesters break into U.S. embassy in Serbia

Protesters broke into the U.S. embassy in Belgrade on Thursday and set fires, cheered on by crowds outside rallying against U.S. support for Kosovo’s independence.

Doors were ripped off, set on fire and wedged in the embassy windows. Black smoke billowed from the building. Papers and chairs were thrown out of the windows.

One protester climbed up to the first floor, ripped the U.S. flag off its pole and briefly put up a Serbian flag in its place.



  1. Therebye convincing the rest of us of the their serious intent to resolve the Kosovo Independence issue through non violent means. LOL!

  2. If there was one place where we should have minded our own business, that was it. If we just had to get involved, it should have been on the side of the Christians against the Islamofacists.

  3. Yeah, who do we think we are, trying to force independence down their throat? They’re different from us and they have their own traditions, and all cultures are equally good, so what gives us the right to interfere? blah blah blah blah. etc. It’s an atrosmacy I tells ya!

  4. Yeah, well, Clinton needed something to take your eye off the crap he was pulling with the economy and he had his war. Bush just followed the trail that was already blazed. You might think this is quite humorous but we’ve already had one World War started in this very region. Of course, we didn’t have nukes in those days.

  5. I don’t know whether Clinton’s decisions were right or not.. honestly the situation over there is very complex and difficult to understand. However, I do think that it’s a bit odd to be very much pro-Serbian-intervention and anti-Iraq-intervention. I suspect Iraq will be in better shape than Serbia at some point in the near future, having come from a pretty heinous situation not so long ago… Not that Iraq’s problems are over, but they seem to be more genuinely interested in reconciliation on the whole. Maybe it’s because they’re mostly co-religionists, I don’t know.

  6. The Balkens are truly a cultural, religous, political mess. One of my former co workers (from my second tour out) did a gig with the Croatian HOS during the ‘difficulties’. Subsequently marrying a Bosnian/Kosovar (I forget which) Serbian woman. Very interesting social & familial dynamics to say the least. Good people. both of them, and I hope all the rest in that area of the world are able to come to such and equitable accomodation. In view of Murdoc’s Abba post, I suggest everyone refer to Seether’s new tune…………Rise Above This.

  7. It was a great move. It made us the most hated enemies of the Serbs and rekindled old hatred with Russia. A real win-win. Of course, our interests were so vital and immediate that no declaration of war was necessary, nor even consultation of Congress per that pesky Constitution.

    We bombed Serbia, we were told, to stop the genocide in Kosovo. But there was no genocide. This was propaganda. The United Nations’ final casualty count of Serbs and Albanians in Slobodan Milosevic’s war did not add up to 1 percent of the dead in Mr. Lincoln’s war. Albanians did flee in the tens of thousands during the war. But since that war’s end, the Serbs of Kosovo have seen their churches and monasteries smashed and vandalized and have been ethnically cleansed in the scores of thousands from their ancestral province. In the exodus they have lost everything. The remaining Serb population of 120,000 is largely confined to enclaves guarded by NATO troops. – Pat Buchanan, Human Events

  8. I do think that it’s a bit odd to be very much pro-Serbian-intervention and anti-Iraq-intervention Dude, nobody is advocating pro Serbian intervention, unless you consider staying out of the fight being pro Serbian intervention. It was our intervention which tilted the struggle in favor of the Albanians back in 1999. Those of us who appear to favor the Serbs are not asking for US intervention. We are asking for the US to stay the hell out of something not in America’s national interest.

  9. I was referring to the past intervention. I agree with staying out of it at the moment. But my point is, you (we) did already mess with the situation and these events that are happening today are affected by what our countries did in the past. Some people defend those actions, some do not. So for those people who defend the past intervention, does that mean that we SHOULD intervene if there is (suspected) genocide in another country? How do we tell if it’s a good idea?

  10. Gee, maybe we should try some novel idea like defending the Embassies, and if someone who is not an American Citizen should get hurt, well thats just too bad! Yes I understand that I am not at the Embassy and its very easy to say something when your life is not on the line, but I am tired of little piss ant countries just being able to walk into and on to American soil and do what ever they want with no fear of retaliation. WAIT A MINUTE!!! That is already being done along and over our borders. I guess from the point of view the rioters in Belgrade have, it is perfectly ok for them to just trespass on American soil (the Embassy in Belgrade) and break our rules and burn our property etc…cause we will do nothing. WOW! I guess I thought ‘they’ were doing something really wrong. Silly me. That must only apply to Americans! Granted we should never have gone into Yugoslavia, it was and still is their war. It is not now or ever will be a threat to the United States. But, we are there now and we should defend our assets.

  11. And how long do you think that embassy will stay open if we kill protestors by the thousands? Seems to me that defeats the purpose of having an embassy in the first place. And Nicholas, now you think we should stay out of it? Now that we’ve totally F’ed the place all to hell? Now we should stay out of it? And what’s going to happen to all those Serbs in Kosovo? Just a little ethno-religious cleansing? That should be fun to watch. I mean, who’s going to get upset by a hundred thousand or so Christians in a few mass graves? It’s not like the Wisconsin Lutherans are going to get up in arms about that and start making a bunch of death threats.

  12. Nicholas, genocide is a strong term. To me it conjures up images of large scale mass killings or ethnic cleansing type operations. The Serbs were accused of this prior to our bombing in 1999. Yet in the 12 months prior, an estimated 2500 people combined on both sides were killed in the violence in Kosovo. That does not strike me as genocide. During the bombing campaign we were told over 100,000 Albanian males were missing and presumed dead. We were told of ‘mass graves’ and of Albanian boys being held for use as ‘living blood banks’ to assist wounded Serb soldiers. After the bombing when the ‘mass graves’ were searched it was discovered about 5000 people died. That does not sound like genocide to me. The Serbs claimed that illegal Albanian immigration turned the population from about 50/50 at the turn of the century to 90/10 in favor of Albanians by the 1990s. If the Serbs had engaged in ethnic cleansing in 1990, with an Army no less, how come when NATO arrived in 1999 the population was still 90/10 Albanian? In fact the real ethnic cleansing began after NATO arrived as the Albanians forced out tens of thousands of Serbs and others and destroyed over 100 Churches as well. The 2 points I wish Americans would learn. First, like Paul says there can be ‘blowback’ associated with your foreign policy. In my opinion we have aliented Serbs and Orthodox Christians around the world for no good reason. Second, we must be weary of any precendent that might come back to haunt us. How would we react if Mexican nationals wanted to reclaim the Southwest once they are a majority? It seems like the Albanians, they are streaming illegals across the border and rapidly changing the demographic makeup in their favor. Would we allow this to happen? How would we react to a foreign nation that encourage it?

  13. One thing has become quite clear through my lengthy association with my friend and his wife (mentioned in my last post in this thread), and dozens of former MilSpecs and Contractors who’ve all served in the Balkans: Though the Serbs were, and are not angels, neither are any of the other ethnic groups. 11Bravo’s policy blowback comments are spot on. That’s one of the reasons US referent authority has taken such a beating in the Middle East and with many other countries around the World. It’s quite true that while the Serbs have a wheel barrow full of their own sins to push around, they have been demonized to a certain degree in the West; when was the last time you saw a movie or TV show about brutal raping and pillaging Croatian Nationalists or Albanian death squads………not that there weren’t any, but according to our media and Governments the only such atrocities were committed by brutal raping and pillaging Serbs (true in some cases, but they sure weren’t the only ones doing it). A more balanced and forethoughtful (THAT is straight from the Dubya Dictionary of made up words! LOL!) US policy approach to the breakup of Yugoslavia and the subsequent issues would probably have been better for us and the Balken People.

  14. Dfens, when did I say we should stay out of it? I don’t recall saying that. I’m merely pointing out the contradictions made by people who defend intervention in this region but not Iraq. 11 Bravo, I agree, my point is that Iraq was in a worse situation than Kosovo before intervention. As I said I don’t know whether the intervention in Kosovo was a good idea.