Obama said we’re reduced to stealing Taliban weapons

UPDATE: Whoa! This story made it big in the old blogosphere. Lots of links at Taliban Story An Obamination!

Troops grabbing weapons in a pinch during a fight is nothing new, and I’ve even heard that some guys use AKs or PPSh submachine guns for particular things. But I guess I’ve never heard of US troops needing to use captured weapons simply because the US Army isn’t supplying them with US weapons.

Oh, and a platoon was split up between Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess it’s possible for some specialized units, but I didn’t think that platoons were divided. Maybe I’m wrong. And platoons aren’t commanded by Captains.

Via Gateway Pundit.


  1. He doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s talking about. Soldiers and Marines pick up enemy weapons because we like weapons. Also, we don’t leave them around for the next terrorist to find. That doesn’t mean I would carry an AK instead of an M-16 – too inaccurate. Unfortunately, nannies like Hillary and Obama won’t let us bring captured weapons home the way John Kerry did. I’ve never heard of a normal rifle platoon being split up for deployment. Support types like Civil Affairs – yes.

  2. I’ve heard stories about captured weapons being used in Vietnam too (e.g. recoilless rifles). I blame it all on the poodle shooter and its derivatives being too puny 😉 j/k

  3. If what Obama said was true – heads should and would roll. Obama as a senator has the absolute responsibility to demand and get hearings on the issue. I would support him a 1000% Obama as a presidential candidate, has the absolute responsibility NOT to bring this issue up as a debate point. Not unless he raised in his CURRENT capacity as member of the senate. To do otherwise is a violation of his oath of office. If his statement is true, then he is using the plight of American forces in harms way as ploy for power. If his statement is false, then he is just another in long line of politicians that will do or say anything in their quest for power. Personally, I think Obama is full of it.

  4. James: I hadn’t thought about the issue of Obama using this without having addressed it as a Senator. You’re right. I had been 99% sure that he was full of it, with only the shaft I’ve heard about our snipers regularly getting giving it any chance. But now I’m convinced it’s not true.