S-67 Blackhawk

S-67 Blackhawk Helicopter

I don’t think I was familiar with this helicopter. Video at Bickmuppet’s.


  1. Brings back memories. My father was on the design team and we had a mug with a silhouette of the Blackhawk on a kitchen shelf when I was a kid. I also remember reading the Book of World Records with the entry for the S-67 which included my hometown because it was one of the end points of the speed run which set the record!

  2. The Lockheed Cheyenne was the best helicopter never built. It was killed primarily by in fighting between the USAF and Army. ‘The USAF had become increasingly vocal in its opposition to the Army’s acquisition of an aircraft as capable as the Cheyenne, and continued to push for the cancellation of the AH-56 project.’ It had one of the most advanced control systems ever to show up in a helicopter plus a pusher propeller. The combination of the pusher plus the wings really made sense when it comes to speed. The wings unload the rotor in lift and the pusher unloads it for propulsion force. That means you can run the blades at zero angle of attack doing away with the tipping moment that plagues all other helicopters at high speed.

  3. I always thought the AH-56 was flippin’ cool, but I have to wonder- would it have lasted long on the battlefield? I seem to recall that the intended attack profile involved lots of diving attacks which seem suicidal in the face of SA-8 and Shilka fire. Still, it was a mean-looking design.